Thinking of Adding a Deck to Your Home? Here are Some Things to Keep in Mind

A deck is an excellent addition to your home because it gives you additional space while improving its value. A lot of planning and decision-making is required when building one. You need to think about various things, including the design, size, cost, and many others before and during its construction. Here are five things you should keep in mind when planning, designing, and building a deck.

Purpose and Function

If you live in a warm or hot place, the deck’s main purpose is to give you usable space to enjoy the outdoors. You can also use the deck to host guests or have family gatherings. The point is that the deck’s purpose will vary from one homeowner to the next and will determine its design and construction.


In many cases, it will be obvious where the deck will go. In some homes, there may be more than one location where you could add one. In such cases, you need to think about the deck’s function and how you will use it to determine the location. 

In addition, think about wind patterns that will affect usage and comfort, microclimates that will impact its longevity, privacy, sun and shade, scenic views, and easy access to the house.


Your budget is an important consideration as it will impact every part of the project. It will determine the deck’s size, materials, and design. It will also determine the contractor who you will hire for the job. You also need to factor in the cost of permits depending on where you live.

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Lastly, it will determine the additions and decorative elements on the deck, such as seating, lighting, railings, and flower boxes.

Deck Material Options

While it is the most popular and obvious choice, wood is not the only material you can use to build your deck. If you hire a professional when adding a deck to your house, they will give you a selection of material to pick from. 

Some of the more common options include:

  • PVC, which holds up well in harsh weather and does not trot. However, this material is pricey and gets hot under the sun, so you should consider adding shade if your contractor will use it.
  • Pressure-treated wood contains preservatives that give it excellent weather resistance. This type of wood is great for decks where you are going for a warm look and feel.
  • Premium hardwoods, which are very durable.
  • Composite materials made out of plastics or recycled wood.
  • Aluminum, which has amazing slip resistance, making it greater for wet areas. Its main downside is that it is costly.


Lighting gives a deck a romantic ambiance and can make it safer at night. The types of lights and fixtures you use will affect the deck’s design and your budget, so think about both carefully.

Professional deck designers and builders can add a deck that adds usable space to your home, giving you somewhere to lounge around or host guests. A deck can be a significant undertaking, so consider various aspects of its design and construction to ensure everything goes as expected.