Why Install Skylights in Your Home?

Skylight Installers

 Sure, solar panels are great and will save energy and money to power and light your home. But how about supplementing them for your light energy with some beautiful skylights? Especially in Australia, there is a superfluous amount of sunshine pouring into our cities, yet not all are taking advantage of it. Here are some reasons installing skylights will benefit your home:

Add Beauty

Natural light is irreplaceable. There is a reason why photographers and painters always seek it out for their works of art. Artificial light just cannot make the decor of your home come alive with the same kind of brilliance. Natural light will make your home a homier place where your friends and family will want to be, and attract buyers should you ever choose to sell your home. Skylights can improve a home’s value by about 10%.

Boost Your Mood

In addition to physical attractiveness, being in an environment infused with natural lighting is known to improve mental health. Exposure to it, or lack thereof, actually changes hormone production. Production of serotonin, which makes you feel calm and happy, is not triggered enough when you don’t receive enough sunlight, which can especially occur in the wintertime. Keep your hormones in check all year round by receiving that light even from the comfort of your own home. With additional sunlight in your home you will also notice an increase in energy, blood flow, and immunity, and lessened depression and anxiety.

Save Money

The most obvious reason to install skylights is to cut costs on your electric bill. With such an influx of light from outside, you won’t need to turn your light switches on so much throughout the day. Tubular skylights particularly have impeccable quality and fantastic energy ratings by comparison because they can distribute light more efficiently. You can also save on air conditioning costs with certain vented skylights that draw cooler air into the home when the skylight window is opened. Likewise, the extra energy from the light can heat your home in the winter. Furthermore, it does not take too much manpower for the installation, so skylight installation costsare low.

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Spacing Solutions

If your room is too small to have a typical window on the side walling, simply put a skylight above. Or some rooms don’t have much walling facing the exterior of the home. Skylights allow you to utilize the wallingspace of a room better. They also make the space feel bigger by creating an illusion of extended space. Additionally, homes are often built close to each other, so natural light cannot enter as much through side windows, or you may want to limit side windowing for the cause of privacy. However, skylights offer an insurgence of direct sunlight from above, without compromising privacy.

Skylights make for a happier, more beautiful, and healthier home, that also can help you save electricity and money. Make sure to purchase your skylights from a manufacturer you trust. Some will even install them for you; you want to have them installed properly. Having said that, the process is relatively easy-going for the professional, as there are no structural changes necessary. They can be installed in about 2 hours.