Elehear AlphaPro 2023: Use it to upgrade your hearing!

Alpha Pro

As per WHO data (2023), close to 1.5 billion people globally (almost 20% of the population) are affected by hearing loss. It is also predicted that by 2050, close to 700 billion people will be affected. Extending a ray of hope to those individuals and more, ELEHEAR,the emerging brands of OTC hearing aids – has introduced the AI-backed ELEHEAR Alpha Pro, its proprietary breakthrough product. Unlike its previous range, this set of hearing aids is powered by state-of-the-art VoClear Technology – which drastically transforms the ‘hearing process’ with its Bluetooth connection and unrivaled sound standard. 

ELEHEAR has always been the frontrunner in making far-reaching efforts to improve the auditory capacities of differently-abled individuals, all in a sensitive manner. After thumping market reactions at business conferences in Beijing and Seattle, it is all set formally to introduce this Alpha Pro model globally – and that Originally priced at $999, it’s now debuting at $599. (Limited time September 25 – October 25)

Excited? This article will unveil all the ‘news’ regarding the product. Stay tuned – 

What is an OTC hearing support?

Alpha Pro

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) has stated that – an average American with medium to high hearing loss has to wait nearly 7 years before getting the required support. To bridge this gap, multiple auditory aid manufacturing companies have brought forth Over The Counter (OTC) hearing aids. 

They are FDA-approved and do not require medical prescriptions. So, if you have auditory issues, you may rely on these support systems. ELEHEAR has been an emerging innovative brand in this domain for close to a decade now. With its newly developed ELEHEAR Alpha Pro version, ELEHEAR has introduced the inclusion of VoClear technology in the world of the OTC auditory support ecosystem – clearing out the chatter and including ‘only’ the words worth noting. 

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What is the USP of this product? 

Alpha Pro

If you are new to ELEHEAR or wondering if the AlphaPro is as good as it claims to be, here are the key pointers – 

  • The power of AI-backed noise reduction

Do you know the biggest achievement this ELEHEAR Alpha Pro has brought about? The power to cancel the ‘cacophony’ and ‘allow only the required sound’ to pass through makes this VoClear hearing aid – the prime among the contestants! 

  • Bluetooth streaming format 

The next thing to clear the auditory experience is – using it as an aid and then as a Bluetooth headset. Compatible with both Android and iOS versions, you may use these buds both for phone calls and music. 

  • Allows APP Adjustment 

The ELEHEAR AlphaPro was designed in a manner that allows the adjustment of the sound as per your requirement. So, whether you wish to change the modes or raise the bass – it’s ultimately your choice. 

  • Designed to have a dual microphone 

Standing true to its concept of focusing just on the concerned audio, this auditory aid boasts a dual microphone that enhances the overall auditory experience. This enhances the sound effects (albeit only that which you require). 

  • Controls the feedback accordingly 

Lastly, the clarity of this hearing aid is to the extent that it – comprehends the feedback and neutralizes it immediately. So, whether it’s a sound loop or any external noise – this AlphaPro is designed to knock it out. 

Using AI to transform the OTC backdrop 

Alpha Pro

Artificial Intelligence has unimaginable power in the world today, and ELEHEAR has harnessed this power to change the landscape of the industry and meet the needs of a wider range of customers at a price point that is more affordable than products with equivalent technology.

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As their first product, the first-ever basic AI allows the intelligent system behind this hearing aid to recognize “real speech” in loud noises and adjust settings accordingly.

For the uninitiated, this over-the-counter hearing aid has four modes – Normal, Restaurant, TV and Outdoor. Depending on your input and the AI’s interpretation of the scene, you can seamlessly switch between these modes. As a result, the AlphaPro mode will only capture sounds worth listening to, no matter what the environment.

In the next section, you’ll get a better idea of what this hearing aid accomplishes.

What does ELEHEAR Alpha Pro make possible?

Alpha Pro

Apart from its unique selling points, ELEHEAR Alpha Pro has also redefined the sound quality – albeit at an affordable rate. With the original price tag being $999, at pre-sale, it is available for $599. Additionally, it brings enhanced sound clarity, allowing seamless transfer from one sound to another as per AI input, and that too up to 16 hours per day! 

What do industry experts have to say? 

The market representative of ELEHEAR, after the extraordinary response from the Chinese market, has stated that – it is not the industry’s response that was worth noting; it was the unique way to incorporate the positives of AI into this domain that has left the world awestruck. The industry experts, as well, have heaped gallons of praises on this ELEHEAR Alpha Pro – ELEHEAR versus Lexie and Jabra Enhance, our new breakthrough in technology. At the same time, we hope to help more people to solve the hearing problem, which is our original intention to do the technology universal!

Clearly, it is a step in the right direction. 

Key Takeaways 

ELEHEAR, as a noted auditory support systems manufacturing portal, has brought forth its AlphaPro version of auditory aid, which incorporates AI technology into its domain. Thus, those with certain moderate hearing issues can now gain some respite amidst the cacophony. If you still haven’t checked out, you can visit their website and get the specifics of the same.