Kratom is back in the 21st century and is becoming popular across the globe. With the rising usage of Kratom, there is a need to understand how Kratom can be stored to maximize its potency. When Kratom is not kept in proper storage conditions, it begins to degrade so quickly. When your Kratom degrades, you will lose two things: you will waste your money, and others are that you will consume a low-quality Kratom. Read on to find Do’s and Don’ts when storing Kratom. You can also buy Kratoms at.

Factors that will harm your Kratom

Several things will harm your Kratom once they come into contact. You need to know these factors to try your best to avoid them coming into contact with your Kratom. Here are some of the common threats of your Kratom:

  • Temperature changes
  • UV Light
  • Strong smells
  • Excessive oxygen

Temperature Changes

All you should know is that your Kratom needs a cool storage place, but the problem arises when the temperature is unstable and fluctuates. Your Kratom degrades so quickly when the temperature shoots so high and falls from time to time. What should you do to avoid this?

 It will help if you find a given place with very little or no temperature change. Where can that be exactly? Forget about your kitchen; the temperature will have to change there. You can make two great choices: one is to store your Kratom in a dark pantry or to store your Kratom in a root cellar. You can also find any other place that meets the temperature requirement.

UV Light

Yes, the UV light is another nightmare for your Kratom. The sun’s rays usually cause sunburns to our skins, and the same applies to your Kratom. When your Kratom gets hit by the sun’s rays, its alkaloids begin to break down, making it begin degrading so quickly.

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How are you going to keep preventing the sun’s rays from reaching your Kratom? You need to understand that your Kratom can withstand the sun’s rays for a given period. If you are an active Katom user, you will immediately know a Kratom that has been hit by the sun’s rays due to its less potency.

Some of the techniques you can opt to are finding dark-colored tins or even jars to store your Kratom. These glass jars and tins may help reduce the sun’s intensity hence no much harm to your Kratom.

Strong Smells

Well, we all know that you can maintain a constant temperature in the refrigerator, right? 

Perhaps you have decided that you are going to store your Kratom in there, isn’t that so? You need to understand that storing your Kratom inside the refrigerator is one of the best things to think about. You will only have to worry about some of the odors present in the refrigerator that will eventually affect its taste.

This issue will arise if you have some other products and foods stored inside the refrigerator. For instance, if you have other foods such as cooked meat, garlic bread, and onions inside your fridge, your Kratom will eventually smell like these foods.

Many people are usually used to the strong bitter taste of Kratom, and once your Kratom tastes like cooked meat, you may not end up loving it.

Again, it would help if you scrutinized the container that you want to use to store your Kratom. Things will be quite odd when you choose an old cigar humidor to store your Kratom. The container may smell like cigars. Later your Kratom will also have that smell of cigars. Storing Kratom is a little harder, and you need to be extra careful.

How to store Kratom

What are some of the storage tips and ideas that will help you store Kratom for daily use, long-term, or even Kratom in different forms such as tea? Some of these tips include:

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Keep checking on your Kratom.

You need to check your Kratom often. This applies when you usually store your Kratom in your pantry or even in your freezer. It would help if you always kept checking on your Kratom for freezer burn or mold. What are some of the ways or factors that can help you determine that your Kratom is degrading and losing its potency? Some of these factors include:

  • Loss of smell
  • Loss of color
  • Visible signs of freezer burns or mold

When you stored your Kratom in powder, leaf, or tea form, and upon checking it, you realize that it looks different than when you stored it, then something is not right. Another way that you can know that everything is not right is when you notice that your Kratom color is fading.

Avoid Dampness

Do you know that moisture is another major threat to your Kratom? Not only Kratom but to other stored foods as well. You should limit all the changes that can trigger your Kratom getting wet and soggy. If you fail to avoid it, then sadly your Kratom will rot. Dampness affects capsules, powder, or Kratom leaves similarly.

Is your fridge unusually humid? If so, you need to begin thinking of another place that you can store your Kratom. All you can do is ensure that there is no or very little oxygen in the container that you use to store your Kratom. Alternatively, you can add things such as a paper towel or a piece of bread to your storage container to absorb the humidity present. Ensure that all that you add does not have strong smells because your Kratom will later smell the same way.


It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced Kratom user or a newbie in the Kratom world. In the end, everyone needs quality. If you keenly follow the above-explained tips on storing your Kratom, you will enjoy the longevity and potency of your Kratom.