Tech Innovations: 7 Craziest Modern Cars for Under 21 Rental

modern car

The development of the automotive industry has given the green light to many ideas. Now the car is available to everyone, although it’s not necessary to buy it. For example, if you like traveling around the USA, then Miami, Denver, Los Angeles, under 21 car rental makes it possible to take advantage of a road trip even for young drivers.

Improvement of the technical part of cars led to the appearance of concept cars. Every year, they are becoming more sophisticated and more fantastic. Automakers use them as a way to show the world their vision for the future. However, it’s not at all a fact that this or that concept will ever be put into production. A concept car is not a prototype, but, above all, an information message.

In general, there’s nothing surprising in the fact that such vehicles look pretentious, impractical and even a little crazy. Here’re the most eccentric automotive concepts that have appeared in public recently.

Fiat-Chrysler Concept

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Fiat Chrysler showed the concept of an electric car for millennials. Of course, when looking at at this large box-shaped car for the first time, you won’t immediately think that it’s designed for young people.

Nevertheless, according to the developer, the youngsters should be attracted not by the appearance of the car, but by its futuristic filling. The car interior, indeed, looks very unique.

The car can drive about 400 kilometers on a single charge. This is not so great distance in comparison, for example, with Tesla models. But the Fiat Chrysler concept car charges up to 50% in just 20 minutes.

A set of Lidar sensors provides third-level autonomy to the car. This means that the car can drive around the city itself, but the driver must be inside to take control if necessary.

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Rinspeed Oasis

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A truly eccentric concept was recently introduced by Rinspeed. The Oasis project is a car garden with living plants.

The garden is located in a front panel, just behind the windshield. In it you can grow everything you want. It’s also possible that Californian startupers will find for this garden an even more interesting application.

Inside, there are also large Harman touch displays. The concept assumes that the car understands the voice and gestures of the driver. Urgent notifications can be displayed directly on the car windshield.

Honda NeuV

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Honda first showed a teaser for the NeuV car back in last year, but recently brought a finished car to CES.

The developers haven’t yet disclosed the characteristics of the car, but claim that it’s completely electric.

This artificial intelligence should simplify and make driving safer. Besides this, Honda Australia can be of great help in case you are looking for the best Honda cars in Australia.

Volkswagen ID Buzz

Volkswagen decided not to invent something radically new. The developers just took their world famous van from the 60s, and turned it into a high-tech and modern car.

The redesigned ‘hippimobile’ has become completely electric. On one charge, it can drive about 435 kilometers. Also, the car is equipped with radar, a Lidar sensor system and ultrasonic sensors, which make it fully autonomous.

The dashboard of the car is a regular tablet, which is installed in a special slot. You can get into the cabin by opening the door with a smartphone’s NFC technology. In general, everything looks modern and high-tech. However, it seems that the hippies of the 60s would refuse to ride in such a computerized van.

Toyota Concept-i

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Similarly to Honda, Toyota, is trying to make the car a friend of the driver. In the concept of a two-seater electric car, the company installed talkative artificial intelligence, which is designed to prevent the driver from getting bored or falling asleep while driving.

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Surprisingly, there are no touchscreens in this concept. Notifications in the car are displayed directly on the windshield or are played in voice.

Doors open vertically. This is a pretty useful skill in modern parking lots.

BMW Concept

BMW developers decided to dream up on the theme of the interior of the future car. In their opinion, the interior of an unmanned vehicle should resemble a lounge.

This car has even a separate bookshelf. In unmanned driving mode the windshield is replaced by a huge folding display.

Nissan VMotion

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At the Detroit Auto Show, Nissan showed the predatory and angular design of the VMotion concept car.

The rear pair of doors in this vehicle opens in the opposite direction. It looks beautiful, but in practice it’s not very reasonable to use such a door.

Now this is a curiosity, but the rear-loop doors were actively used in cars of the first half of the 20th century. Then they began to call such a door a ‘suicide door’ because of its ability to open at full speed under the influence of the wind at the slightest malfunction of the lock.

In general, it’s impractical and unsafe, but for a pathos concept car it will be a perfect solution. The Nissan ProPilot system allows the car to drive on its own at speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour.

The dashboard is a large horizontal display. Everything is displayed on it – from information from the speedometer to controlling the radio and air conditioning. For general radiator repairs, visit