Steve Harvey Net Worth: How Much Does This Stand-Up Comedian Earn?

steve harvey net worth

Steve Harvey net worth: working in the comedy world is not that easy. Not everyone knows the trick to getting into people’s minds and humoring them. It is quite a difficult task if asked so. But if you are interested in comedy, you will have the person in mind who can actually humor you. Or someone whom you find very humorous.

If not wrong, the hilarious person you could think of right now is Steve Harvey! You can never go without passing on a laugh in his stand-ups. But today, you are here to learn about Steve Harvey’s Net Worth.

So, keep scrolling and read through the blog to get answers to your questions!

About Steve Harvey

You must be thinking about how it all began in the first place, right? Well, in the beginning, he was not a stand-up comic. But with shifting and changing jobs, he found what he was good at and also passionate about.

He has worked as a delivery guy, cleaner, salesman as well as a mail man. It definitely took him time until he tried out something new, just out of the box. And Steve Harvey still continues to win our hearts by being in the entertainment industry for so long.

What is Steve Harvey’s Age?

The stand-up comedian who has been in the industry for so long, guess what might be his age! He has seen more of the industry than most of the upcoming and present stand-up comedians. As far as known through different search engines, Steve Harvey was born in the year 1957.

Also, he has been celebrating his birth every year along with his family and close friends on January 17. Currently, Steve Harvey is of the age of 65 years old. But still, his age has never affected his humor and brings out the best in him for the entertainment of his fans.

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Steve Harvey Net Worth

Steve Harvey has been in the entertainment industry for almost 37 years. It did take him time to make the place to him where he is now, but his earnings currently are a lot more. He has a lot of assets, and through different sources, I also got to know that Steve Harvey is also into investment.

As for now, Steve Harvey Net Worth is $280 million. This is all evident as he gets a lot of salary through gigs and also his famous shows as well. In the later stage, Steve Harvey net worth might go on increasing.

Steve Harvey Education Qualification

Steve Harvey got his education in Cleveland, Ohio. He went to Glenville High School and completed his schooling from there. Soon after his undergrad, he went to Kent State University. It is not known in which course he did his graduation or if he did his post-graduation or not.

Once know about all of his educational details, it will be shared in the blog for you people to know about Steve Harvey’s Educational Qualifications.

Steve Harvey Ethnicity

Steve Harvey was born and brought up in America itself. He is a black American by birth and was born in Welch, West Virginia. But as a young child itself, Steve Harvey had to move to Cleveland, Ohio. That is because of his parent’s career that Steve Harvey had to shift from his birthplace. Both of Steve Harvey’s parents are of black descent in America and have been living there for a very long time.

Even Steve Harvey got married to a black woman, and his entire family is of black American ethnicity. Not only that, Steve Harvey and his family have their belief in Christianity.

Is Steve Harvey Married?

Steve Harvey rarely shows up with his wife. But you must have seen Steve Harvey and his wife in red carpet appearances. Yes, Steve Harvey is married and it has just been 15 years of the marriage.

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His wife is Marjorie Bridges. It is not known how Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges met each other, though they have shared that they knew each other since 1990. And the two of them tied knots with each other in the year 2007. The marriage has been successfully led and last known the couple had celebrated 15 years of their lovely marriage together.

steve harvey net worth

Steve Harvey’s ex-wives

Till date, Steve Harvey has been married a total of three times. Two of his marriages ended up in divorce though the reason for the divorces has never come forward to be known.

His first marriage with Marcia Harvey was still better, but it did not end up in bad terms at all. They were married to each other for 13 years and ended up their marriage in 1994.

But Steve Harvey’s second marriage was not at all successful and was an entire mess while ending of the marriage. His second wife was the actress Wynton Harvey.

Steve Havey’s Kids

Steve Harvey has a total of seven children. He had three children with Marcia Harvey, and they are all grown-ups now. Not only that, with the actress Wynton Harvey, Steve Harvey has just a single son who is also managing his own career. But with Marjorie Bridges, he has three kids again. But he is not their own father. After his marriage to Marjorie Bridges, Steve Harvey adopted her three kids from her previous marriage. Though, all of the kids are grown up and look after themselves now.

steve harvey net worth

Final Thoughts

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