25 Social Media Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

25 Social Media Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

If a person has a smartphone, will he have a social media account? Definitely. A lot of people use social networking websites, some for fun, while others for work. And, with a large number of people joining these daily, it has become crucial for us to get known by more and more every day. However, with so many people on every social media, it is difficult to differentiate ourselves from them.

Which is why we are here to provide you with 25 social media hacks that will help you distinguish your account from the rest.

#1 Networking before an Event

Before an event takes place, sharing a post with the event’s logo and featuring its presenters can help to a great extent. This makes it easy for everyone who is attending or presenting the event.

People can tag others resulting in the formation of more connections.

#2 Build LinkedIn Connections without delay

  • Find the profile of the professional you are looking for.
  • Click on Personalize Invite option.
  • Enter your message.

#3 Reveal Social Media’s Impact on SEO

Use APIs to demolish enormous data quantities about social media to find out what is working. Social media does not have a direct correlation to SEO.

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#4 Streamline Interviews of Blab

  • Why do you use Blab?
  • Look at your current industry connections across other social media.
  • Who aligns with your vision and mission?
  • Write an invitation to your guest including what you expect.

#5 Widen Blog Post Visibility

  • Create multiple shares for every blog post based on headlines, images, etc.
  • Schedule the shares over an extended period.

#6 Form Hyper-Local Connections on Instagram

25 Social Media Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

For example, you are an event manager. On Instagram, add geotags to the venues of events. Later, look for the posts on the same tag. Make contacts with the ones who are in the same profession as you.

#7 Create Renowned Social Media Photographs

Use apps that create images when you enter a headline and your brand’s logo. The images can be produced based on different social media channels according to size requirements.

#8 Improve Reach and Engagement on Facebook

Posting less frequently and only the best quality content enhances engagement on Facebook pages.

#9 Sustain Opt-in Conversions

Providing subscribers with more incentives on opt-ins can keep them stay subscribed for longer periods.

#10 Leverage Influencer Opportunities

  • Make a list of where your target audience hangs out.
  • Qualify your list.
  • Decide whether you want to become partners, purchase or do nothing.

#11 Explore YouTube Audience Preferences

25 Social Media Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Make use of YouTube Card Polls in the right manner to find out what goes to your audience’s heart.

#12 Include GIFs in Tweets

Adding GIFs to messages or public tweets can add humor and character to your social media marketing.

#13 Jumpstart LinkedIn Follower Growth

Use keyword-optimized titles to post new content every day.

#14 Optimize Pictures for Various Social Media Platforms

Use apps to resize your pictures according to the requirements of different social media. This will save you time and effort.

#15 Produce Calls to Action

Use Snapchat, Instagram DM, Blab and Periscope to share videos that may announce your webinar. This way, you will engage a large number of people and get a responsive audience.

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#16 Extend Your Professional Network

Go for Twitter chats that are held for an hour weekly. They revolve around a theme or hashtag and include people from all shapes and sizes of business. You’ll make a lot of connections every week through these.

#17 Curate Content of SlideShare

Clipping tool can help you share your message across the globe by making a presentation.

#18 Schedule Several Tweets from One Blog Post

Use scheduling tools to detect new blog posts, create a series of tweets and create images and quotes.

#19 Mute Facebook Trolls

One of the best social media hacks is to mute Facebook trolls. Instead of blocking the user creating trolls or deleting their comments, hide the comments so that only they and their followers can see affecting your business less and avoiding the arguments on freedom of speech.

#20 Allow Teams to Pre-schedule Instagram Posts

Make use of apps that allow a person or teams to batch-create content and make it ready for scheduled posting.

#21 Validate the Success of an Influencer

There are many people out there who have fake followers and retweets. It is therefore difficult to find out who is fake and who is an actual influencer.

Every person can add other accounts to their Twitter list when they really want to listen to them. Download apps that show the number of these people in the accounts’ lists.

Divide the number of people on this list by the number of followers and voila! If the percentage is higher than 5, the person is an effective influencer.

#22 Lessen Provocative Facebook Fan Comments and Posts

In the page moderation section of Page Settings, add words that are commonly used by the rowdy crowd to attack your page. The moment a banned word is used by anybody in a comment, the post becomes hidden from the public but can be seen by the person commenting and his friends.

#23 Speed up the Growth of your Social Media Followers

Use #s4s (shoutout for shoutout or share for share). This way, people can see your profile on someone else’s account. This increases the number of your followers. This works on all kinds of social media platforms.

#24 See Restricted LinkedIn Profile Search Results

Due to different packs of memberships, you may be restricted to view certain profiles on LinkedIn. However, you can do this on Google. Search site:linkedin.com<name of the person>

#25 Twitter’s 140-Character Limit

This one is our favorite social media hack. Simply end your tweet with an ellipsis and reply to your post with the continuation of the post. This is the easiest way to go around the character limit.

The above-mentioned social media hacks will help you increase your followers while removing the unwanted content from your posts. The hacks include everything that a social media user wishes to know.