Skin Care Routine for Men – It Is Time to Take Care of Your Skin

skin care for men

What is the only thing that drives your life forwards? The one and only mantra is to carry a minimum burden on your shoulders, regarding health and surroundings. You need to combat stress, not trigger it. Worrying about your work and personal life only instigates trauma, which can lead to adverse health conditions. Love yourself, pamper yourself- see how the world changes for you. A single tinge of anxiety can mirror on your face, letting everyone know what is going on inside of you. To beat stress levels, a guileless skin care routine for men is enough for you.

Are you worried about how to take care of your skin amidst all the pollution and tension? Modify your grooming routine now and follow the skin care routine for men on this page for advanced results.

Do you prefer minimum grooming items in your bag? No worries, as you are going to learn some basic tips on skin care routine for men with minimum hassle. The routine will include beauty products that are blemish-free and are potent enough to provide complete nourishment to your skin. Grab a pen and paper and take a footnote on the basic skin care routine for men for astonishing results.

Why men don’t treat their skin well

Forget about all the sources from where you have gathered information about skin care for men. Various websites on the internet provide varied range of tips on how to take care of your skin. It might start sounding confusing to you reading such posts, which are most of the times extremely complicated to follow.  Need some simple stepwise skin care routine for men for better understanding? Read this article from top to bottom and judge it for yourself.

Sometimes diverse thoughts on skin care and make you relate it to some astrophysics or neurological factors. Never lose focus from what you are following. Given the sheer number of product options, skin care can be unnerving at best times and baffling at the worst. It is upto you on how you figure out the correct skin care routine for men amidst all the chaos.

Being a man, you might face some hardcore challenges in fighting skin problems like acne, sun damage and acne. Only a proper skin care routine for men can help you solve these issues. To give you some pointers, mind your sleeping cycles. Sleeping is one of the most important factors that decides whether you should like radiant or dull. If you are suffering from insomnia, immediately catch hold of your sleeping cycle and mend it.

Another factor important in your skin care routine is washing your face. Make it mandatory to wash your face at least twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed. However, do not just use any soap lying around in your bathroom for your face. To try out the ideal facewash, you need to know about your skin type first.

How to start taking care

Do you know your skin well? It is dry or oily, or somewhere in between? Experiment on yourself and see how well you can figure out your skin issues. You cannot come to any conclusion overnight. No one is even asking you to do that. All you have to do is have patience, be committed to your skin care routine and not mess it up. Ask yourself on a regular basis- are you eating well? How well are you sleeping? Is everything okay with your work, or is it perplexing you and raising your stress levels?

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To overcome all such intrapersonal issues, try gathering good knowledge on men’s skin care products. Start your skin care routine for men from Stage 0, from the basics to the advanced steps. The routine should begin with some basic rudimentary steps, on how to keep your skin moisturized and soft. Once you start feeling your skin smooth as butter, you will automatically gain interest in reaching the advanced stage.

Beginning steps of skin care routine for men

Your beginner’s cycle should start with four basic stages:

Stage 1 – Using a face cleanser

What is the first thing that pops in your mind when you think of a clear, clean skin? You involuntarily assume it as a dry, rusty texture. When such a feeling is for your body, then there is nothing negative about it. However when it comes to your face, it is straightaway a big NO.

If you have a dry skin, it means your epidermal skin cells have broken down. In other words, the outer protective skin barrier have become deficient of moisture. You need to rehydrate your skin cells immediately, with some oily ingredients as in a moisturizer. Choose an oil based or a foam cleanser containing salicylic acid, for controlling the level of oil within the cells. Use it two times in a day-once in the morning and at night.

Stage 2 – Get your perfect eye cream

An eye cream is one vital, yet basic tool to solve myriad issues related to your face. Do saggy eye bags and dark circles bring down your confidence? If so, then nothing can work better for you than an eye cream. Add an eye serum or cream to your daily skin care routine for a fresh and vibrant look.

The skin lining your eyes is a very thin layer than other regions of your face. This layer is more prone to losing moisture at a greater pace. Therefore, you need to provide concentrated amount of nutrients to the ocular region to prevent dark circles and puffiness. After cleansing your face, use an eye tightening gel in the morning and before hitting the bed to de-stress yourself.

Stage 3 – Apply an apt moisturizer

You already know by now as why the role of moisturizer is so important in your skin care routine. Go for moisturizers that do not weight heavier on your skin, and can penetrate well through your skin layers. In the beginner’s level, look for the moisturizer bottles that mentions gel or lotion on the label.

Stage 4 – End it with a SPF

It is obvious that you have to go out in the scorching heat of the sun for work every day. To protect your skin from harmful UV radiations, get hold of a SPF that goes perfectly with your skin tone. Sunblock is an essential part of skin care routine for men, for not only preventing sunburn but also skin cancer. A perfect sunscreen should have ingredients for hydrating your cells to give your moisturizing effects.

How is the skin care routine in the intermediate stage?

The intermediate stage in the skin care routine for men has precisely three steps:

1. Use of a chemical exfoliator

What do you understand by the term exfoliation? When you hear about exfoliation, it is sloughing off old and dead epidermal cells with the help of an exfoliator. An exfoliator is granular, chemical substance that aids in preventing the accumulation of dead cells and clog skin pores. What will happen if there is clogging of pores? You will eventually start experiencing associated issues like pimples or acne and itchiness.

Now you can value the step of exfoliation, after knowing its importance in maintaining your skin tone. Exfoliation is not akin to scrubbing. Using a scrub in the step of exfoliation can prove to be too harsh for your skin. Look for an exfoliator that has alpha hydroxy acid present in it, to remove dead cells more effectively.

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2. Use of face serum

For a moment, just think of your skin care routine as a smoothie. What do you think will be the cream shot for it? Yes, you guessed it right- it is a face serum. Compared to moisturizers, serums hold better potential in providing your skin with the ultimate nourishment. Face serums contain many nutrients and active substances, which can gift you quicker and better results.

No matter what your skin concern is, a serum definitely exists for it. Now there is a trick in choosing the right serum for yourself. Go for the serum that is effective against a myriad range of skin issues. Do not waste your time in choosing a specific serum for a specific skin issue. All you need to see is that your serum has every necessary ingredient, for building skin cells and hydrating them. Use a face serum twice a day- after cleansing and before moisturizing.

3. Apply a face mask

When you are looking for facemasks online or at retailer, you will see a variety of them. Which one should you choose for yourself? Skin care for men involves use of a facemask that should contain active ingredients and act on specific skin concerns. Do the functions sound familiar? The work of a facemask is very similar to a face serum.

In the skin care routine for men, the best facemask to use is a clay mask. Clay masks contain components that are usually present in mud and clays, cleansing deep into your pores and remove dirt. Facemasks also help in getting rid of oil and debris of dead cells, mirroring the role of exfoliators as well.

What is the advanced protocol in skin care routine for men?

The advanced phase of skin care for men consists of three stages:

Step 1 – Vitamin A rich ingredients

Before you get into any confusion, learn the types of vitamin A. Yes, there are two different types of Vitamin A- retinoids and carotenoids. The liver finally translates both the types into retinol, which the lymphatic system circulates throughout your body. You need to incorporate vitamin A rich foods in the skin care routine for men for significant results.

Foods that are abundant in retinoids include-

  • Egg
  • Fish
  • Salmon
  • Shrimp
  • Beef liver
  • Cod liver oil
  • Dairy items like cheddar cheese, milk and butter

Foods that are abundant in carotenoids include-

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Carrots
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Fruits like mangoes, plums and apricots
  • Tomatoes

You may also take vitamin A supplements rich in retinyl acetic acid or retinyl palmitic acid. Such components help in treating skin conditions like fine lines and acne.

Why do you think retinol use is an advanced stage? According to studies, retinol can prove to be harsh on your sensitive skin. Therefore, never forget to apply sunscreen before going out as sunrays can make your skin more sensitive. Prevent your skin from becoming rough and flaky by adding retinol to your diet and daily skin care routine.

Step 2 – Use an appropriate toner

Are you struggling with acne problems and oily skin? The priceless addition to the skin care routine for men with such issues is a toner. To keep your skin healthy and bright, a toner is ‘a must’ in your daily care kit.

How should you apply it? Take a clean cotton pad dipped in toner solution, and swipe over your face post cleansing. Toner aids in removing oil and dirt from deep inside your skin pores and unclogs them effectively. If you are not much into using cotton pads, go for gel-based toners.

Step 3 – End your routine with a proper night cream

You may find the idea of applying moisturizer at night a little crazy but actually, it is not. Deep moisturization of your face is extremely important throughout the day, to keep your skin soft and healthy. While you rest at night, your skin cells will strive to rejuvenate and revitalize themselves.

You will find night creams to be extra hydrating and containing active components like peptide chains to stimulate cell regeneration. If you are using the same moisturizer for both day and night times, it is fine. However, the best move is opting for a separate night cream to give your skin care routine a pro touch.


Remember three basic things for proper skin care for men- sleep well, eat well and massage your skin well every day. If you can follow these ground level stages with utmost diligence, care no more about unhealthy skin.