Five Ways that the Future is Now

You have probably heard the phrase before. “The future is now,” they say. While this can seem like an obvious mischaracterization, the phrase is used to describe the speed of technological evolution and that many of the technologies we think of as far off are being developed now. From robotics to artificial intelligence, the progress is incredible. Technology is moving so fast that we need to watch out for potential consequences of the development. Whether you’re skeptical about the future of technology or are welcoming it with open arms, there is no stopping it. Below are five ways that the future is now.

Robots Exist

While the visions of science fiction novels and movies haven’t quite come to pass, the field of robotics is much further along than one might realize. Most people have seen videos of robots failing to perform basic tasks, but this isn’t the whole truth about where the field is at. For example, you might have a robot cleaning your floors.

Sarcos Robotics is making robotic enhancements that look like something out of an ultra-modern science fiction tale. Their exoskeleton suits protect the human body and provide an increase in strength. Robotic gloves protect the hands from sharp objects, extreme temperatures, and hazardous materials. They also have remotely controlled robots that can perform tasks where humans cannot. Their take on the robot is much broader and more realistic than the original conception of walking-talking robots.

Vehicles Can Drive Themselves

Next, you have probably heard of self-driving cars. Tesla has been at the forefront of changing car technology, but they aren’t the only ways interested in automated vehicles. Uber is working on self-driving helicopters that can take humans to and from helipads. Automated trains and planes are already available.

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While we don’t yet live in a world where all our cars drive themselves, this future isn’t far off. The ability is already there, the progress of humanity and the economics of it all are still in the way. But, when it comes to automated transportation, it is already a reality.

Artificial Intelligence is Used in Business

Artificial intelligence, simply known as AI, is the ability for machines to be intelligent. With machine learning programming, AI can teach itself new things. AI can assess large amounts of data and create new pathways to productivity.

Not only can AI show businesses the path forward for better profit and higher efficiency, but it can also render digital content. However, humans are still needed when it comes to creativity. While AI can work for you through efficiency and speed, humans are taking on roles of design responsibility as they can tap into the market and determine what consumers are looking for. This is one of the greatest advantages of Industry 5.0, bringing the focus back to humanity while still leveraging the use and power of technology

Data is the New Oil

Like “the future is now” people from all walks of life are using the phrase “data is the new oil.” Of course, this isn’t literal. What is meant by this is that data has become one of the most vital resources on the planet, and it is far from natural. Data is valuable because it can be analyzed.

With large sets of data and the ability to assess it, companies can find new target demographics, ways to market them, and even create new products. You don’t have to have artificial intelligence to analyze data, but it sure helps. Data is being acquired in all kinds of ways—some less ethical than others—but the information that people input into the internet is being used to create a in all kinds of ways. It represents the future and where we are going.

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Our Reality is Virtual

Virtual reality (VR) is when you interact with the digital world with glasses or a headset. It enables you to live within that world and do things in it. Soon there will be full performances in the digital space. Augmented reality (AR) is being used to facilitate human life in all sorts of ways, including facilitating remote surgeries. We already live in a virtual world to some extent, the ability to completely live in the digital space is already here.

Whether the future is exciting to you or scary, it is already here. You don’t need to wait for it. If you are looking for evidence of technological progress, you don’t need to look very far to find it.