Should Minor Students Be Allowed to Get Tattoos

Students Be Allowed to Get Tattoos

Popular among celebrities, body art has also become common in high schools in Australia. Since they are seen as cool and interesting among teens, tattoos for minors rise the questions about whether they should be allowed. How does society regard kids with tattoos? In this article, we will explore various concerns around this issue.

Are Tattoos for Minors Acceptable?

       Tattoos are one of the most controversial topics during family discussions, especially for parents of teenagers. There are many things that make body art inappropriate for young teens.

Why Are Kids with Tattoos Controversial?

       There are many reasons why tattoos are frowned upon in society, but when it comes to minors, things get more dramatic. Most parents and professors try hard to convince minors that they are not at the right age to get a tattoo because:

  •       Tattoos are permanent. It’s easy to say “let’s get inked”, but a tattoo will remain on your body forever. If you’re underage, this is a long time. There is a high risk that you might want a professional career in the future where body modifications are not acceptable. This is a decision that can affect you for the rest of your life.
  •       A minor’s personality is not fully developed. Minors are in a process of constant growth. Their personalities are not fully matured yet, so it’s highly unlikely that the things they like now they will still like years later. Even if a tattoo sounds like an amazing idea when you’re 16, it’s improbable that your 26-year-old or 36-year-old will have the same preferences. How can you get a tattoo at 16 that your older self will approve of?
  •       Risk of infections. Minors don’t have the maturity to concern themselves with health issues, but infections are a possibility when it comes to body art. The risk is especially higher if you don’t choose a reputable and sanitized facility. It’s not as simple as saying lets get inked. It takes some research to find a good artist and a truly professional studio. Thus, the right age to get tattoo is when you can measure the full risks.
  •       Social prejudices. Kids with tattoos are probably going to receive bad looks from more conservative adults, whether professors or their friends’ parents. Body art is still associated with prejudice and negative stereotypes among older generations. Can you get a tattoo at 16? Yes, but you must be ready to deal with the social stigma.
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What If I Pay for My Own Tattoo?

    Many Australian teenagers believe that if they work and save money, that should be a good reason to be allowed to modify their bodies as they please since they will not ask their parents for money. This is good reasoning, but is this the best thing to do with your savings? You could hire a tutor or use an essay writing service like Edubirdie to help you with writing a custom essay that gives you problems at school. By using a professional service for your essay instead of paying for a tattoo, you make an investment with long-term returns. A tattoo has no return on investment.

What’s the Right Age to Get Tattoo?

       Can you get a tattoo at 16? Yes. If you’re 16 or above, you can probably get one without your parents’ consent, depending on your location. However, they might be upset with your decision. We can help you with the following tips to make sure they will not sanction you financially or otherwise.

  •       Be a good student. When you get a school assignment, make sure to do your best to earn a top grade, even if you use a professional writing service. If you earn top grades in school and your parents are proud of your achievements, it’s easier to convince them that you are mature and responsible enough to make decisions about your body.
  •   Explain your decision well. You don’t have to write an essay about how much you want a tattoo, but make sure you have good reasons for your decision. Show them that you put a lot of thought into your choice of design and that is has a great symbolic significance for you.
  •   Don’t involve your friends. Your friends might say “lets get inked” and you do it to please them. If you want a tattoo because you want your friends to think you’re cool, your parents will rightly disapprove. You cannot base such as a bold decision on vanity and peer pressure. Make sure the decision belongs to you exclusively.
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Should tattoos for minors be accepted as normal? Things are rarely black and white in this regard, but the general consensus is that teens don’t have the emotional maturity to make such a permanent decision.