14 Screenshot Apps for Android – No Root Required [Guide 2019]

Screenshot Apps for Android

When you need an image of what’s on your Android gadget’s screen, take a screen capture. It’s very simple, you just have to press & hold the Volume button and Power buttons at the same time, for a second, and your device takes the screenshot for you and saves it. But if have to do something more with the screenshots or edit them.

Well, transferring them all to the computer first and doing the same can waste a lot of energy and time. So, here we are with these 14 Best Screenshot Apps for Android to do whatever you would want to use your device only. It’s as straightforward as squeezing a catch and there are a few applications that will make this considerably simpler.

So, take your pick from any of these screen capture applications for Android. Here is how:

Best Screenshot Apps for Android in 2019

screenshot button

1. Take an Android Screen Capture utilizing the Buttons on Your Phone or Tablet:

The speediest method to take a screen capture on Android is to press the Power and Volume Down (or Home) catches in the meantime. Hold the catches until you hear a tick and see the screen become littler. Screen captures taken along these lines are put away on your gadget.

Utilize the Gallery application or another record administrator application to peruse for the picture documents.

Tip: Your gadget may have propelled highlights to control how you take a screen capture. Check your gadget’s settings.

What We Like

  • It’s quick and simple.
  • No applications to open.

What We Don’t Like

  • Need picture altering applications.
  • It can be ungainly squeezing the two catches.

Screen Grabber

google play download

2. Screenshot X:

Screenshot X is one of the most straightforward screen capture applications for Android we found. There aren’t any cool altering highlights, yet the effortlessness and programmed sharing acquire this little application a spot on the rundown.

Screenshot X puts a coasting catch on the screen. Tap it to take the screen capture and trust that your gadget will vibrate. To turn Screen Grabber off, swipe down from the highest point of your screen and tap the Screen Grabber notice.

What We Like

  • Files spared as JPEGs.
  • Automatic sharing.

What We Don’t Like

  • No picture altering highlights.

Screenshot Crop

google play download

3. Screenshot Crop & Share:

What a screen capture application does is that it will take a screen capture of your full screen, or it will remove indicated portions of a screen, look at Screenshot Crop and Share. For an in-application buy of $1.50, Screenshot Crop and Share will likewise catch portions of a page or other looking over substance that isn’t obvious on the screen.

When you first begin Screenshot Crop and Share, you’re taken to the application’s primary settings. On the off chance that you’d preferably not press your gadget’s catches to take a screen capture, empower Floating Bubble.

What We Like

  • Automatically crops route and status bars.
  • Quickly spare, offer, and alter pictures.

What We Don’t Like

  • Files are spared in the camera roll.
  • Navigating the application is befuddling.

Screenshot Capture Recorder

google play download

4. Screenshot Capture Recorder:

Is it true that you are searching for a basic screen capture application that has altering abilities? Screen Capture Recorder enables you to take screen captures your way, with the application giving you the decision to press your gadget’s catches, shake the gadget, or utilize an additional overlay catch to get your shot. Also, with altering capacities, you can trim the screen capture, draw on it, or include content.

When you open Screenshot Capture Recorder, you can set up the application to meet your requirements. You can change the span of the gliding catch, take a screen capture by shaking your gadget, and mood killer notices.

What We Like

  • Clean and basic interface.
  • View picture subtleties in the record watcher.

What We Don’t Like

  • No choice to spare in different configurations.
  • Lack of route catches.

Super Screen Recorder

google play download

5. Super Screen Recorder–No Root REC & Screenshot:

Another simple to utilize screen capture application is Super Screen Recorder. Super Screen Recorder adds a drifting ball to one side of the screen. It additionally adds controls to the Notifications list.

With regards to altering capacities, Super Screen Recorder is entirely restricted, just enables you to yield and turn pictures. The application likewise records your screen activities, and its video altering abilities are constrained to editing and including content and stickers.

What We Like

  • Can convert a video into a GIF.
  • Records video at a high caliber.
  • Can shake the gadget to quit recording.

What We Don’t Like

  • The app doesn’t turn with the gadget.
  • Slightly hard to explore.
  • Large download measure.
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DU Recorder Screenshot App

google play download

6. DU Recorder Screenshot App:

Static screen captures don’t generally get the point over; now and again it takes a video to recount to the entire story. When you need to take photos of your screen and record video of your screen activities, attempt DU Recorder, which makes it conceivable to take screen captures, record screen recordings, and alter those pictures.

What We Like

  • Quick and simple to alter screen captures.
  • Controls are in the warnings region.

What We Don’t Like

  • Need to peruse the manual.
  • The catch symbols are little.

Screen Master

google play download

7. Screen Master: Screenshot & Longshot, Photo Markup:

Another screen capture application that is anything but difficult to utilize and contains bunches of highlights is Screen Master. Screen Master contains all the picture altering instruments you’ll have to harvest pictures, pixelate touchy data, draw shapes, and offer pictures with others.

Screen Master additionally makes it simple to harvest pictures into shapes, add emoticon stickers to screen captures, fasten screen captures together, and mix it up of content impacts. Another cool element is the capacity to catch the whole website pages.

What We Like

  • Doesn’t catch secure site pages.
  • Small download estimate.
  • Save documents to any area.

What We Don’t Like

  • The app doesn’t turn with the gadget.
  • Doesn’t work with the blue light channel.

Super Screenshot

google play download

8. Super Screenshot:

Super Screenshot adds various highlights to your customary screen capture. The strategy for taking a screen capture continues as before. You should press the catching mix or utilize the motion include. In any case, when you have taken the screen capture, you will be given various alternatives that will enable you to include an instant message, in the shading believable, obscure certain pieces of the picture, and resize the picture.

The application will likewise permit penmanship which is ideal for that minute when you need to draw a bolt and expedite thoughtfulness regarding a specific territory the guide. When you are finished altering the screen capture, you will be given sharing alternatives. The application is advertisement bolstered and allowed to utilize.

Dispatch the application and go ahead “Begin Capture”. Presently, the application is running out of sight. The minute you take a screen capture, you should see altering alternatives. On the off chance that you don’t see it, contingent upon your make and model, open the application from the warning zone physically.

Main concern: Super Screenshot is an incredible little application that will enable you to alter and comment on the screen captures, yet imagine a scenario in which I needed much increasingly out of this experience.

Screen Master Pro

google play download

9. Screen Master Pro: Screenshot, Photo Markup:

Screen Master Pro makes things one stride more distant than Super Screenshot. While the typical altering choices like hued content, yield, obscure, and comment are all there, this hearty screen capture instrument likewise enables you to include stickers and emojis.

I additionally enjoyed the obscuring alternative better here in light of the fact that now you don’t have to rub the screen with your fingers, you can choose a territory and it will be obscured. The designer calls it Mosaic which essentially implies that they chose territory will be pixelated.

What’s cool is that once you have chosen the zone, you can drag it around and it makes life simpler. This looks more expert than utilizing fingers to make uneven haze impacts, particularly when utilizing on introductions or web journals.

There is additionally zoom work which can be convenient on a little screen. You start by propelling the application which will put a gliding catch on your screen. At whatever point you need to take a screen capture, simply press the catch.

Primary concern: Screen Master offers much more by enabling you to include stickers, emojis, and including zoom highlight. All things considered, there is more we can do!

Touchshot (Screenshot)

google play download

10. Touchshot (Screenshot):

Touchshot further enhances the past applications by giving an alternative to record your screen. This screen video recorder will catch everything that is shown on your screen. When you dispatch the application, there are alternatives to catch screen capture, screen record, picture altering, and settings.

You can shake the gadget to catch screen captures. There is a gadget alternative to make a helpful easy route. When catching the screen capture, you can ask the application to expel status bar and softkey bar. This will make the screen capture look much better. Since Touchshot is likewise a screen recorder, you will see extra alternatives for picking edge rate, bit rate, goals, and record sound choice.

When you dispatch the application, you will see a popup that will clarify the procedure which is truly straightforward. A skimming air pocket will create the impression that will enable you to take screen captures and record screen. You can alter the picture subsequent to taking the screen capture, yet the alternatives are constrained when contrasted and a portion of the past applications.

You can include content, use fingers to draw, and Image Stamp which is only 4 little pictures like bolts and smiley (essential stuff).

Primary concern: Another free advertisement bolstered application that enables you to likewise video record your screen however needs picture altering highlights we found in the last application.

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Screenshot Touch

google play download

11. Screenshot Touch:

Exactly when I thought I had seen everything, I discovered Screenshot Touch. Things being what they are, what this clever little application could offer? Bounty. The application is, in reality, simple to utilize. It makes a coasting catch you can use to catch screen captures just as record your screen to make a video. In any case, that is not it.

One element that a great many people need however can’t discover in screen captures applications is the capacity to take a screen capture with looking over. Assume you are perusing a page, you need to take a screen capture however there is progressively content beneath the screen. Utilizing Screenshot Touch, you can take a screen capture of the whole page, regardless of whether it isn’t unmistakable on the screen.

That is astounding. I, like most others, was taking different screen captures before I discovered this application, yet not any longer. You can spare the screen capture in JPEG or PNG group. You can diminish picture estimate by compacting pictures utilizing Image Quality alternative.

You can likewise catch the pictures utilizing the shake choice and expel the status bar. In the screen recorder settings page, you can change the edge rate, goals, and bit rate.

Primary concern: This is, up until this point, the most complete screen capture and recorder application that I have seen on the Play Store. It has all that I would need, out of a screen capture application for my Android.


google play download

12. Screenit – Screenshot App:

Screenit is another application to take screen captures on your Android telephone. The inherent photograph supervisor has loads of altering choices, much the same as the greater part of the applications in this rundown, Screenit, for example, quick yield, shading impacts, outlines, stickers, overlays, just as the capacity to draw lines or compose content.

Be that as it may, what isolates Screenit from the rest is its capacity to consequently edit the status or potentially route bar from the screen captures. The application is accessible in two flavors. The preliminary adaptation is accessible for 48 hours, after which you can open it with a onetime buy or keep utilizing it for nothing, however with advertisements empowered.


google play download

13. Screener – Better Screenshots:

In the event that you are an application engineer, hoping to advance your screen captures, look no further. The screener isn’t only a screen capture application, rather, it additionally gives you a chance to stick screen captures into gadget casings and include foundations and embellishments. The application is easy to utilize.

You begin by taking screen captures; you at that point open the screener application and pick a gadget outline. You would now be able to include reflection, shadow, and foundations. You can either include custom foundation shading or obscure it.

When done, spare the screen capture or offer it. The application contains 100 high-quality gadget casings like Google Pixel, Galaxy S8, and so forth.

Screen Crop

google play download

14. Screen Crop – Quick Settings Tile:

As the name recommends Screen Crop causes you to rapidly trim your screen captures after you take them. However, what isolates it from the rest is that you can set it as a speedy settings tile (need Android 7.0 or more) from the warming cabinet. After you take the screen capture, you need to the alternative to either spare or share it.

There are no ADs or in-application buys. Be that as it may, you’ll need to spend $0.99 to utilize this application.

Significance of Editing the Mobile Screenshot

While you send your app in order for users to beta test it, things won’t be that easy, especially when it comes to giving their feedback. Moreover, it’s really time-consuming for preparing a thorough description of the concerns found and then email them to the producers. However, you can save plenty of time on bug submission and leave this problem in the past.

As of now, your users can provide detailed feedback right from their mobile device and from within the app itself, and all at the least amount of time. With the bug submission tool that allows attaching a screenshot to the report, developers get a better understanding of the exact issue and therefore get started with reproducing and fixing it much faster.

How Screenshot Editing Can Help You?

As mentioned above, Firstly, a screenshot always helps the user to report an error in a faster, more accurate and overall a better way. Moreover, testers are able to edit their screenshots and hence, as a result, they are also able to pinpoint the accurate error or highlight it correctly on the screen. This makes the task of the app developer way easier.

Well, all thanks to these awesome mobile screenshot editing apps where users can simply put an arrow or other marks in the screenshot. Also, this helps them to detach the exact error, and hence, makes the job even easier for developers. Moreover, the testers can type some text directly from the screenshot, and they can also mark an area and hence, highlighting the same.

No Need for Extra Tools for Mobile Screenshot Editing:

While you are using these apps, you won’t require any extra tools as such, especially if you wish to report a bug. You can just take a screenshot, mark as well as edit it in order to show the error and then send it right away from the mobile device.

Moreover, screenshot editing with all of these mentioned editing tools/apps can be done very easily and no one finds it as a difficult job with them.

Other than above, you only Need Basic Knowledge on Image Editing tools to Edit a Particular Screenshot.