Retail Marketing Strategies: Why Your Business Needs a Drip Email Campaign

retail marketing strategies

In any developed region, there are always a hundred and one different brand options that customers can choose from. What does this create?

Simple: it creates a very competitive marketing world. Any company that’s going to be successful must have incredibly strong retail marketing strategies.

One of the core strategies is drip email marketing. In this article, we’ll make the case for a focus on drip marketing campaign creation. We’ll explain a few of its most important benefits to your business.

Create Customer Loyalty

The first thing that drip campaigns will do for your business is create customer loyalty. When a customer purchases a good from you, they should get a thank you email in their inbox after the purchase. And as time goes on, they should also be dripped several emails related to taking care of that product, getting the most value from it, etc.

With well-executed content, you can turn any average buyer into a lifelong advocate for your company. This, in turn, spurs word of mouth marketing that will spread your brand like wildfire and boost sales.

Drive Promotion Awareness

The next thing to consider with drip emails is creating awareness for the various promotions that you run. Most companies tend to focus on social media as the number one strategy to drive awareness for any promotion that they’re running.

Don’t get us wrong — social media can certainly turn promotions viral. However, email campaigns are a more reliable, dependable way to get plenty of eyeballs on your promotion. When someone gives you their email address, that signals trust. As a byproduct of that trust, you can anticipate higher conversion rates.

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Nurture Key Leads

Every business that has big-ticket items for sale with high contract values can stand to realize this benefit. Your key leads (i.e. the ones that have the highest order values and create the most revenue for your business) are the ones that need drip marketing the most.

You can leverage drip marketing software to nurture and “warm-up” these leads with brand awareness content until your sales team reaches out. The familiarity of your drip content will help those sales conversations go more smoothly since customers will recognize your brand more easily.

Process Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts are the hallmark of successful drip campaigns. With the right software (see more here), you can figure out which of your prospective customers added products to their cart, but then ultimately never bought those products.

Then, you can deliver product-related content to them until they convert as a customer and check out with their full cart.

Drip Email Is One of the Key Retail Marketing Strategies

There you have it. Equipped with this guide, you should now have a far better understanding of what benefits you can expect to realize from leveraging drip email campaigns.

As you incorporate this and other retail marketing strategies, be sure to take some time to check out the rest of the business advice available on our blog!