Types of Internal Communication Software and Tools

internal communications software

Do you or your employees work from home? The chances are that for most people that answer would have been ‘no’ a few short months ago. But now working from home is how many people operate.

It’s something we’ve all got to get used to. But how do we make it work more effectively if you have a whole team of people you need to communicate with?

There’s some great internal communications software that you can use. Here’s everything you need to know about the best internal communication tools.


Newsletters are a great formal method of communication. They allow the whole company to catch up on and share in the good news of individuals and of company achievements. There are ways to stop your subscribers from pressing the delete button.

This has never been more important when we are all sat at home, often with no physical connection to the outside world.

Ensure you make your newsletter look appealing to the eye with the text broken into smaller paragraphs and sections, so people don’t choose to switch off.

A new feature you can also include is using text-to-speech, so that your workers can listen to the company newsletter while they are doing another task. This is one of the best top internal communication tools.


Slack is another great internal communication platform. You can use this to create group chats and use emojis to talk with your employees in a more informal, relaxed way.

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This is all without having to connect with them on social media which can feel a little too personal for a working relationship.

This service also allows individual employees to private message each other, if they are working on a project together and need feedback from each other. Users can also set their status so that other team members can see whether they are away, asleep, in a different time zone, or are traveling at the current time.

Slack is the top internal communications software at the moment.


Shares in Zoom video conferencing software have soared since the outbreak of the pandemic. Probably because it’s a free internal communication software.

If you want to understand how video can be used as an internal communication software tool be sure to visit this site, check it out!

And there’s no surprise here. It’s a great piece of software that allows you to have video calls with a group of people. It’s more reliable than Skype or Facebook’s Video messaging service.

It also feels a lot more professional when you use it. You can even hook Zoom up to Amazon Alexa so you can make calls through your Amazon Echo Show or audio-only calls with your Echo Dot if you buy the premium version.

What Internal Communications Software Should You Use?

What internal communications software should you use? This depends on the tone of the message you want to send out to your employees. But you could use a combination of different software.

If you want to rally your troops around the company’s achievements then be sure to send round a monthly newsletter, if more informal communication is what’s important be sure to use Slack.

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