Overview of the best software nearshoring destinations in the LATAM region

Nearshoring has quickly become very popular for companies that need software development services. It’s a great way to not only cut costs, but also work with a team of experts that you can always rely on. The focus is on delivering an excellent quality and value, while pushing the boundaries in an excellent manner. With that in mind, investing in great nearshoring services is a great idea, and it can help prevent many downsides. But what destinations are ideal for nearshoring in the LATAM region?


Colombia has quickly become a go-to destination for nearshoring in LATAM for many reasons. The talent pool is amazing here, and the country itself experienced a 33% growth in software outsourcing over the past few years. In addition, companies here can handle all kinds of projects, regardless of their complexity. 


Chile and most particularly its capital Santiago have quickly become a top tier place for software outsourcing. They can help with a variety of services, and you will find these companies here to bring a very good pricepoint. That’s why it’s safe to say you can get a very good value from them, and it’s totally worth it.


Brazil has a plethora of nearshore development companies that help even Fortune 500 companies. They provide excellent work and state of the art results, while also keeping costs at a great level. Another advantage is that companies here have major departments that work on development, cyber security and even software engineering.


Yes, Argentina is another great destination. Ever since the late 90s, Argentina has cemented itself as a top tier nearshoring destination for companies in the LATAM region, and not only them. It’s great to see their value and incredible quality, and you will certainly appreciate the unique return on investment they provide.

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Mexico also has a very good tech hub and it continues to shine with their quality and value. The company works closely with Oracle, Teravision and many other top tier businesses. Mexico is close to the US, which means a lot of companies from America gravitate towards them for cheaper services and great value.

Costa Rica

Just like Mexico, Costa Rica is close to the US, and it has a great overview of what companies in the region need from a software development standpoint. The quality they offer is exceptional, and they also bring in a tremendous return on investment for any businesses that need professional solutions. 

As a whole, there are plenty of nearshoring destinations for software development in the LATAM region. These countries have a great legacy when it comes to software development, and they continue to shine with their amazing value and ease of use. We highly recommend giving these a try for yourself, and you will be amazed with how much value they provide. At the end of the day, finding great nearshoring companies in the LATAM region can help you save time and resources, but also a significant amount of money as well!