4 very practical tips for iPhone, you should know

Many small partners like the iPhone’s iOS system, probably because of its stability, security, and diversity of features. In fact, in the iPhone, in addition to the features that everyone can see, there are also hidden tricks that are easily overlooked. Geniusupdates believes that only by clearly knowing these tips and using them flexibly can they be used in daily life. Better use of mobile phones in neutral work. Let’s take a look at it. Can you use these 4 iPhone tips to help you? Use Mobile Unlocked to SIM unlock your iPhone device from its current network provider.

4 practical tips for iPhone

Do not disturb mode

Whenever you want to sleep, work, meet, etc., you can turn on the Do Not Disturb mode in your phone. One of the benefits of turning this do not disturb mode is that you can temporarily not be disturbed by the ringing of the phone and message, but the phone can still receive the message, and in addition to no ringtone, the phone will not vibrate when the message comes. 

The second advantage is that it is much more convenient to turn on the do not disturb mode than to turn off the ringtone and vibration one by one. First, open the phone’s settings page – then click on “Do not disturb mode” – then, set “Do not disturb mode” to the open state is complete.

If you are afraid of opening the Do Not Disturb mode at night, but you have forgotten the off time in the morning, you can enter the time setting in the “Set Time” in the Do Not Disturb mode. In addition, there is also a “sleeping” option in the Do Not Disturb mode. When you select this option, the phone will remain dark except that it will not ring and not vibrate, even if the phone receives The message will not bother you to sleep. If you still feel that the above settings are cumbersome, you can use a quicker setting method, pull out the “Control Center” from the bottom of the screen of the phone, and then set the small moon to the open state, which means that the Do Not Disturb mode is turned on. The setting of time can also be done by long pressing on the small moon.

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Remove APP red dot

I believe that in all of your mobile phones, you have downloaded a variety of apps. With more and more apps in mobile phones, for many “obsessive-compulsive” users, the small red dot in the upper right corner of the app is hard to bear, but in order not to see these little red dots, you often need to click into the APP. It is very time consuming to “eliminate” them.

In fact, these little red dots are derived from the notifications that are automatically set in the APP. In addition to apps like chat software, social software, etc., which you feel are necessary to keep notifications, you can cancel the notifications of other types of apps by setting them. Without notice, there is naturally no red dot. First, open the phone’s settings page – then click on “Notifications” – then open the app you need to turn off notifications. According to your own usage habits, if you don’t need to receive any notifications from the app, just let the “allow notification” It is good to set it to the off state. If you just don’t want to see the red dot, but still want to receive notifications from the app, just set the “tag” option to off.

Use a memo to change text to speech

Many small partners will use the memo in the iPhone, perhaps to record the mood, perhaps to write a draft, but many small partners may not know that the memo has the function of turning text into speech. For example, when you have a day in the class, your eyes are already tired, but you want to read an article on the Internet. You just need to put this article in the memo by copying and pasting, and then say “read my memo” to Siri, Siri will start reading your latest memo. Some netizens commented that this feature is a bit like listening to the book app.

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Quickly undo text & quickly restore text

I believe that my friends have encountered a large number of words on their mobile phones, but because they want to re-write and delete them all, many people think that the deletion of one word and one word is time-consuming and troublesome. In fact, whether you are in a chat app or a memo, as long as you want to undo the text, just pick up the phone and shake it gently. Then the phone will pop up a small window to cancel, select the option of “undo” The system will help you to undo the text. In addition, when you want to retrieve the content you just revoked, just shake the phone again and you will find that the content you just revoked is back. Many netizens said that the setting of the iPhone’s quick recovery text is very intimate.

Finally, for the use of these four iPhone tips, what do you think of your friends? Welcome to write your thoughts in the comments section.