Our Favorite Quick Play Games For Mobile

Caption: All you need to play these games is a smartphone and five minutes of spare time

One of the greatest things about smartphones is that we can take our favorite entertainment with us everywhere we go. It’s no longer necessary to lug a PlayStation over to your friend’s house to enjoy big new releases, or carry several kilograms of gaming laptop for some fun on the commute home. Now, it’s possible to play great games from a device that weighs just a few grams. The only difficult part of it is deciding which games to play, which is where we come in. We’ve chosen a selection of games that are all available to play on mobile and are super quick to get started with.

Mini Metro

If you’re unlucky enough to be commuting on a particularly busy underground train then you’ll know the dramas it causes when these networks don’t work as planned. Fortunately, Mini Metro gives you the opportunity to organize things your way. This game requires you to keep a metro system running for as long as possible, making sure that people don’t have to wait too long at the platform to get to their destination. It sounds simple, but the longer you play for, the more congested your system gets, and the more difficult your task becomes. This game is perfect for those with a logical brain and a love for modernist design. We forgot to mention that it’s clean and concise to look at – a graphic designer’s dream.

Slot Games

All kinds of casino games fit the quick-play remit rather well, but slots are a particularly popular choice as the themes are so varied. Even those with the most niche of interests can generally find a slot game that caters to them. If you’re looking to find the right game for you without wagering your own money then looking out for an online casino bonus can be helpful. A no deposit bonus, or some free spins, can help you to sift through slot games for free until you find your favorite. There are all sorts of different elements that you can look for in a slot game; this includes the volatility, or, how frequently you’ll make wins and losses as well as how large or small they are. You can also check out the RTP rates of different games and see if they have any special features too, such as minigames or wild symbols.

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Pokémon Go

Our next suggestion is Pokémon Go, a game that has been driving rare Pokémon collectors wild for nearly ten years now! This game was one of the first to bring augmented reality to the masses. It did this by superimposing the image of a Pokemon over the top of your phone’s camera, making it appear as though the Pokemon existed in the world. If you’re late to the craze then there’s no time like the present to get started. This game is particularly good for those who walk to work, as you can catch rarer Pokemon by visiting places outside of your immediate vicinity. So, not only will you perform better at the game, but you’ll also up your step count.