Megan Fox Blazer Red Carpet Look!

Megan Fox Blazer Red Carpet

Having been impressed by the looks of someone, you can have wondered. Like that, Megan Fox has become an icon for many in the fashion industry, making the statement dress for everyone to pull off. But not everyone is Megan Fox, and neither do they have the beauty of Megan Fox. But many still tried and want to know more about Megan Fox Blazer Red Carpet. Any questions or doubts in your mind will be cleared as you keep on reading this blog!

Megan Fox has always been someone whom people love for both their acting skills as well her fashion statements. But what is it that she wore on the red carpet that took away people’s breath? Can someone really pull off what she did? Is it actually possible to look that hot with such a unique costume and that also on the red carpet?

Megan Fox Blazer Red Carpet

What did Megan Fox wear?

Your none other than favorite Megan Fox had thought out of the box and decided to wear just a blazer to the red carpet. Not disappointed at all, it was really amazing as it left many in shock, but she did pull it off quite well. You cannot imagine people loving the costume that Megan Fox wore, and it became a trend in the fashion industry. Very well, many started following the same and gave credit to Megan for pulling off a new kind of fashion in this industry. You will not believe it, but it really happened. What was the outfit like?

Megan Fox has pulled off a blazer in black without any pants. That is where the statement look of the fashion lies. She had secured the blazer with a belt, and that’s it. A new look for the red carpet was ready.

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Megan Fox Blazer Red Carpet

Criticism of Fox’s fashion statement

Of course, not everyone has the same understanding of fashion as Megan Fox. People are there to criticize as well as appreciate at the same time. Definitely, it was out of the belief that someone could pull off such an amazing look, but people cannot believe in wearing pants under a blazer as a fashion look. But those who loved it started making it a trend and made sure that the statement created by Megan Fox was lived by, and then many started following the same exact look that Megan flaunted on the stage. The best part is this kind of criticism does not affect Megan in any way, and she keeps on doing what she does.

When did the trend start?

You can say all of it happened quite some time ago, that is, back in 2020. When the post covid hit, people started to move out. That is when on one of the red carpets, Megan must have found her wardrobe lonely to make such an amazing fusion out of blazer and belt, which started to become a trend after all. And currently, in 2022, many are there who have been seen wearing a blazer and pulling it off completely.

Megan Fox Blazer Red Carpet

Who was Megan Fox seen within this blazer costume?

Alongside Megan fox, Machine Gun Kelly was seen co-ordinating the costume with her. While she wore the amazing matt black blazer with a belt, Machine Gun Kelly wore a black suit which went just well with Megan Fox’s costume. Both just looked amazing together and blended well with each other. They did not disappoint the red carpet look and made sure that all the eyes were on them while they were walking through the red carpet. You might be surprised to think that Machine Gun Kelly looked as astonishing as Megan Fox that very day on the red carpet.

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What did you learn from Megan Fox’s costume?

It is not much but what you learn is to look bold always. Even from her so many looks, people remember her blazer red carpet itself. The one whose fashion becomes a trend should not let it die away so soon. Such an amazing can be pulled off, but in such a bold way; it is only Megan Fox who can do that so well and make it a statement for the people following her. The open hair from mid-part and the amazing-looking purse, and her black heels go perfectly with her black blazer. Over that, her bold dark matt magenta color lipstick sticks perfectly with her look.

How to dress like Megan Fox Blazer Red Carpet?

It might be your wish to pull off what Magn Fox pulled off. For pulling it off, you need a blazer first. It is not compulsory to be black as you can choose any color of your choice and wear it with the same color of the belt tied around the waist. If you have noticed the chain in between Megan’s chest, it looked amazing, giving the shape to the breasts. You can wish to use a chain, and down you can put some black stockings to give it a statement look. Of course, coordinate the purse and the shoes accordingly. Go with a bold make-up look and especially a bold color lipstick. And the hand being wavy and parted from the middle will make you look as classy as Megan Fox.

Final Thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! You must be excited about what you got to know about Megan Fox Blazer Red Carpet. Her looks and fashion have always been astonishing, and making a new fashion trend is always appreciated by many. I hope you got the answers to your questions and doubts and must have learned something new as well. Share this blog with your friends if they also wish to learn or know about Megan Fox Blazer Red Carpet!