NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence: Reshaping AI

NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence

NVIDIA is a multinational technology company based in the USA. If you play computer games, your PC probably has a graphic card by NVIDIA. The company mainly focuses on developing graphic processing units (GPUs) for computers. Recently, the company has launched NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence and Data Science solutions.

Are you curious about NVIDIA’s AI products and why you should use them?

Here’s a quick overview of NVIDIA AI and how it’ll work.

Cloud-Enabled Data Centers

The focus of NVIDIA AI is to accelerate AI with GPUs. The company combines hardware and software to introduce deep learning to every device.

GPU acceleration is an essential aspect of deep learning. Both training and interference require deep learning. NVIDIA provides the needed GPU acceleration to devices for executing deep learning operations. It integrates with all devices that use DL—desktops, laptops, mobile phones, data centers, and even the fastest supercomputers in the world.

Moreover, NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence is available on a wide range of cloud services, like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and more.

The Development and Deployment of NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence

The development part is also known as the training part, whereas the deployment part is known as the inference part.

Let’s discuss the development and deployment of NVIDIA AI.

NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence
NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence


The development process takes place on desktops and the cloud, and data centers. It involves specialized cloud engineers that ensure optimum installation, resource utilization, and efficiency.


The deployment can either happen on the cloud or data centers or hardware devices like self-driving cars and intelligent machines. The deployment process requires the involvement of engineers who carry substantial knowledge of both hardware and software.


NVIDIA DGX systems are the most turnkey implementation of AI by NVIDIA. These are purpose-built AI systems that redefine the generation of supercomputers. They generate exceptional power to help businesses strengthen their infrastructures, streamline operations, and create exceptional customer experiences.

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The company currently offers four DGX systems:

  • NVIDIA DGX Station A100: This best-in-class workstation enables seamless development and experimentation without the need for a data center.
  • NVIDIA DGX A100: The A100 is a third-gen advanced AI system that helps you unify all workloads. It’s ideal for training, inference, and analytics.
  • NVIDIA DGX POD: The POD is a scaled AI infrastructure solution that meets the demands of modern enterprises.
  • NVIDIA DGX SUPERPOD: The SUPERPOD embodies industry-leading AI infrastructure that helps companies embrace innovation.

Now, how are NVIDIA DGX systems different from other powerful computer systems? Here are some unique benefits of NVIDIA DGX systems.

  • Best-In-Class Software Stack: The DGX systems have a top-notch software stack, including AI-enabled OS and other bespoke features to speed up your processes.
  • Industry-Leading AI: These systems bring industry-leading AI to your fingertips. You can leverage AI applications and take your business operations to the next level.
  • Scalable Clusters: NVIDIA’s AI architecture enables effortless scalability in terms of networking, storage, and computing.
  • On-Demand Expertise: When you use DGX systems, you get access to NVIDIA’s AI experts, who carry extensive experience in implementing and optimizing AI systems.

NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence GPU Cloud

Another major application of NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence is the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC). It offers access to the best deep learning frameworks for developing, training, and deploying various neural network models. These include MCNet, PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Theano, and more.

The GPU cloud brings high-performance computing (HPC) to your system. You can utilize pre-trained AI models, industry-specific SDKs, and enterprise-grade containers to enhance your computing performance. Hence, some essential features in NGC are:

  • Language Modeling
  • Image Segmentation
  • Recommender Systems
  • Object Detection
  • High-performance computing
  • Text-to-speech

NVIDIA GC comes with enterprise-ready features and functionalities, along with top-of-the-line privacy and security. Hence, the cloud capabilities allow you to run your operations anytime and from anywhere.

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NVIDIA TITAN V: Supercomputing GPU Architecture

NVIDIA has recently launched TITAN V, which the company claims to be the most powerful graphics card ever developed for computers. Therefore, it embodies Volta-based architecture, along with other amazing features like:

  • 110 Deep Learning teraflops
  • 3D stacked memory
  • 21 billion transactions
  • 12 GM HBM2 frame buffer
  • 1455 MHz Boost Clock
  • 640 Tensor Cores
  • 5120 CUDA Cores

So, the TITAN V is best suited for businesses that require top-notch graphical performance. Companies that need to render a lot of 3D images will benefit significantly from the TITAN V.

NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence
NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence

Reasons to Use NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence Computers

If you’re new to the concept of AI computing, you may wonder why you should bother about using AI computers. If yes, here are some reasons AI should be a part of your enterprise infrastructure.

Reduce Human Errors

When humans perform actions, they are prone to errors. AI-enabled computing alleviates the risk of human error, which ultimately results in lower costs and increased profitability.

Around-the-Clock Availability

AI enables 24/7 availability, which is critical for businesses in today’s era. Where an average human works eight hours a day, AI can work around the clock without needing a break.

Automate Repetitive Jobs

Repetitive and redundant tasks take a lot of a person’s time. AI allows you to automate repetitive tasks, making it a must-have for every business. So, by automating repetitive tasks, you can free up staff time and allow them to do more productive work.

Faster Decision Making with NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence

In this fast-paced business landscape, companies need to be proactive and make decisions quickly. Thus, AI enables faster decision-making, thereby providing you with a major edge over your competitors.

Better Performance

Overall, AI helps improve performance, and thus, revenue and profitability. It positively impacts the bottom line by helping businesses reduce costs and increase revenue. Thus, you can also save time by automating redundant tasks and making your staff more productive.

Conclusion: NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is changing the world in many ways, and NVIDIA has emerged as one of the key players in the sector. NVIDIA offers a wide range of AI-enabled products, such as cloud GPU and computer systems. Many major companies have implemented NVIDIA computer systems to leverage AI and upgrade their enterprise infrastructure.

So, which NVIDIA AI product do you want to try and why?