Cyberspace & Infinite Deception


Cyberspace is infinite in its core, hence the word space, which was consequently fused to cyber. The sheer grandeur and shapeless difficult to describe nature of Cyberspace is what makes deception a very probable occurrence for the masses. 

It is also often congruent with the term infinity. For most of us, it is very challenging yet mind-opening even to begin to accurately grasp the true breadth and magnitude of Cyberspace’s scope.


I am sure that even as far back as 15 years ago, most would not have imagined that militaries would require dedicated Cyberdefense units that seemingly and oxymoronically have unlimited budgets. 

Cyber Awareness

The average cyber citizen out there is likely to think about the need for Trojan virus removal and prevention as much as proper home insulation for the winter. The need for proactive detection and prevention as well as removal should ideally be in mind to all cyber citizens. 

Cyberspace is the place produced by links connecting a growing list of devices. With the overwhelming list of IoT, also known as the Internet of Things devices, Cyberspace has become a behemoth that is growing in size at the nano-second level. It exists, in the perspective of some, apart from any particular nation-state.

Cyberspace is amorphous; in other words, it is formless and, ironically enough, can be compared to clouds.

Not only is it overwhelming in nature from every angle viewed, but it is also difficult to fully and even partially grasp the true nature and force of Cyberspace for the average human being.

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Cyberspace, also known as the Internet and the WWW (World Wide Web), is a construct that is infused in every facet of life and business more than ever.

Significant historical milestones in the cyber realm are reached in ever-growing frequencies never seen before.

The Psychology of Cyberspace

Would we ever have imagined that one Cyberspace outage from one company such as the one that occurred last month, October of 2021, would cause many to experience withdrawals while not accessing popular social media  and peer-to-peer chat platforms.

Also, would we ever imagine that an outage that is not considered an essential utility such as water and electricity would roar countless headlines in countless languages and dialects globally.

Clearly, human perception has shifted to a certain degree to view something non-essential as much more essential than in reality. Cyberspace has caused virtual and physical constructs to be perceived as synonymous.

Infinite deception

The infinite nature of Cyberspace being so limitless in terms of capabilities, functions, and advancements is beyond incredible and exciting for many. The ever-growing various touchpoints to our personal lives provoke exuberance and curiosity.

Many phenomena that share similar exciting attributes to Cyberspace with a strong upside potential come with a parallel risk and downside. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as many cybercriminals and other interest groups have the perfect conduit for secret agenda facilitating actions.

One must be aware that there is a massive and risky downside behind the infinite world of cyber to be aware of. Applications in the guise of a free tool or service may ultimately try to spy on your keyboard strokes or other private activities to collect intelligence for many reasons.

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It is of paramount importance to always remember that, on the one hand, Cyberspace is an exhilarating infinite construct. Still, on the other, it is also an infinitely dangerous and deceptive space.

Being prudent and looking for the best antivirus solutions while learning more about cybersecurity and privacy is an excellent start to a reliable antidote to this side of the Cyberspace coin.

Cybersecurity is no longer a term exclusive to technology professionals, and it must start becoming part of society’s collective consciousness. A reliable VPN solution with a secure VPN connection would help eliminate this cyber stress and many other potential cyber stresses. Always keep in mind, it is in your hands, and no one else’s, to permanently free yourself from cyber deception.