Top 5 anime series to watch online

anime series to watch online

What is anime?

Basically, anime is an abbreviation of animation. In Japan, anime is any cartoon whether made in japan or outside japan. Whereas, if you talk about non-Japanese people, anime would imply animation made in japan. In easy words, anime is an animated cartoon or a film that contains signature elements of Japanese animation.

The top anime series to watch online are:

Here are the most widely popular anime, Most of them can be watched using anime torrent sites for free.

1.   One Piece

One Piece, considered as one of the best anime series ever, is a production of Toei Animation of japan and is broadcasted by Fuji Television which is based on the manga series of the same name. Its first episode was aired in 1999 on October 20th and is still running successfully.

It is basically about a Pirate King known as Gol D. Roger who is said to be the most infamous and strongest pirate in the world. He revealed the name of the greatest treasure in the world One Piece before his death. Anyone who would find it would get the most coveted title, The Pirate King.


2.   Naruto

Another one of the most infamous anime series of all time, Naruto is also a Japanese manga series which is written by Masashi Kishimoto.

It is about a young ninja, known as Naruto Uzumaki who is out to gain some reputation and recognition among his peers. He also has a dream of becoming the leader of his village, also called the Hokage, one day. The series is divided into 2 parts, one which covers the pre-teen years of Naruto and other which covers the teen years of him. It first aired in September, 1999 and ran until November of 2014.

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3.   Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z or how it is commonly called DBZ, is the sequel to the anime Dragon Ball. It is an adaptation of the Dragon Ball Manga which was written and drawn by Akira Toriyama.

This anime is also a production of Toei Animation of Japan which is responsible for producing One Piece.

This series is about the adventures of adult Goku who has to defend earth against numerous villains ranging from intergalactic space warriors and conquerors to the very powerful androids. DBZ is the continuation of Dragon Ball which followed Goku’s childhood till he became an adult.  It also focuses on the maturation of Goku’s son Gohan. It originally ran from April 1989 till January 1996.


4.   Code Geass

This anime is said to be one of the most top rated and popular anime series in both the USA and Japan. It is authored by Ichiro Okouchi.

It is a two-season anime series which started in 2006 and ran till 2008. The series is based in an alternate timeline where the British won the Revolutionary war but later went on to lose the European conflict against the great Napoleon. Napoleon forced the British Empire to flee to America after capturing the British Isles Island.  Then the British-controlled America largely evolved into the Holy Britannian Empire which went on to rule over one-third of the whole world.


5.   Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is another top Japanese anime series which was adapted from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga by Hiromu Arakawa. This series was produced by Bones and directed by Yasuhiro Irie. It was written by Hiroshi Onogi.

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This anime is said to be an almost 1:1 adaptation of the original manga series. It started in April 2009 and ran until july 2010.

After the premiere of the series finale, it was announced that a film is going to be made with the same name. Its trailer came out in November 2010 and the film was scheduled for a japanese release in 2011.



Watching anime is an incredibly relaxing experience. The entire storytelling narrative is advanced along with providing you with a healthy dose of graphics. While there are several online platforms that allow you to stream anime, the best way to watch it is to download entire series and episodes using torrent. Make sure to choose a credible and established torrenting site and stay away from all the new ones that are more spammy and less content-based in nature. To know about the best torrenting sites to download your anime from, click here

The aforementioned 5 anime series are considered to be one of the best anime of all time. You can watch all of them easily online and enjoy the greatness of Japanese cartoons. There are many other animes who missed this cut but these mentioned are hugely popular among the masses and are top rated almost everywhere. So, don’t go anywhere or watch anything else. Just start watching these anime series and you will not be bored as some of them have a lot of episodes.