Here’s why you should invest in Egyptian cotton bedding?

invest in Egyptian cotton bedding

Whenever and wherever you talk about the bedding, cotton beddings come under discussion. But is there only one type of cotton bedding that you frequently talk about? Actually no, cotton beddings come in various varieties, these include Pima, Percale, and the Egyptian cotton bedding. On the quality check scale, Here’s why you should invest in Egyptian cotton bedding?

Egyptian cotton bedding stands out and surpass all the types of cotton. Egyptian cotton is obtained from a special plant that has long staples, it is then processed under the sophisticated technique and close watch and result in the softest and the most durable beddings ever. 

Egyptian cotton beddings are exceptionally soft, durable, smoother, luxurious, breathable, and strong due to its high-quality raw material. For those, who are searching for the best beddings to create a soft, sophisticated, and opulent look we are presenting you the Egyptian cotton bedding that offers more than these features. Keep on reading and learn more about why Egyptian cotton bedding is the best bedding to invest in?


Egyptian cotton beddings are exceptionally durable. The long and fine staples do not tend to break and offer you the long-lasting bedding. These beddings tend to become softer with each wash. Moreover, they are hard wearing and unlike to pill.


Egyptian cotton bedding offers exceptional softness. The anti-shedding property retains its uniform texture even after excessive use. Moreover, they do not pill and lose softness.

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Easy maintenance

Egyptian cotton bedding sets do not need to be dry cleaned or specially cared for. You can easily wash them by hand or in the washing machine. They tend to stay soft and smooth after multiple washes. But note that, harsh detergent, careless washing, and hot water can damage & weaken the fibers. Which will make the sheets rip easily?


Egyptian cotton sheets are very comfortable. They help the struggle sleepers to have a sound sleep. They absorb body moisture and keep the body dry. They do not cause any infection and help the hypoallergenic persons in breathing and cooling.

How to buy high-quality Egyptian cotton bedding?

It is necessary to know a few important things before buying the Egyptian cotton bedding for your place. You must know about the thread count, weave type, and dyes of the bedding. We’ll be discussing these factors one by one.

Thread count

Thread count refers to the number of threads in a square inch on the fabric. A higher thread count indicates that the sheet will be softer and more durable. The vales of thread count for Egyptian cotton bedding varies from 200-1000. When buying the sheets, go to the ones having a higher thread count but at the same time, some retailers may mislead you by telling you an extremely high thread count. We recommend you buy only those sheets having a thread count between 300 to 800.

Weave types

Egyptian cotton bedding sets are weaved in a number of ways. These weave types include sateen, percale, twill, standard, & pinpoint.

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 Standard weave type is commonly used. In standard weave type, the number of thread woven both lengthwise & widthwise are the same. Also, these sheets are affordable and readily available.

Sateen weaves offer comfort and softness. They are durable, warm, and wrinkle resistant. They tend to trap the heat and keep you warm that’s why they are recommended for the cold areas.

Twill is a piece of upholstery fabric. It has texture and design in it that creates an uneven surface. That is why they tend to attract the dirt and stains which makes them dirty and needs a regular wash.

Percale is a common type, it is also widely used for making the bedding sets. In this method, the thread is weaved in length and width direction cross each other. It is easy to wash and maintain. Moreover, this weave type offers super breathability. The only disadvantage of the percale sheets is that these are likely to get wrinkled quickly. A pinpoint weave is not recommended for the beddings.

Reliable dyes

Egyptian cotton beddings hold the color tightly and do not let it go no matter how frequently you wash or use them. Their color stays as fresh as new even for decades.