New Real Estate Trends & Forecasts for 2022/2023


The real estate market is still quite strong, despite the longest-lasting consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic. In light of significant changes in supply and demand, home prices have risen quickly. Numerous factors have had an impact on real estate, but one thing is certain: in the coming year, the real estate market is going to flip. It is wise for potential real estate investors to exercise extreme caution in 2023 because there will be significant changes. 

There are various locations from which people will migrate, as well as locations they will move to. For novice investors, meticulously studying and evaluating the market is inevitable. Real estate growth in various locations has already been the subject of information from several Ofirio housing analysts. Included in the patterns that are anticipated to emerge are those discussed below.

Increased demand for housing

Based on studies conducted by real estate analysts, the need for housing is anticipated to increase significantly. Some have made numerous arguments, but the one that stands out the most is that they believe the millennial generation has reached its prime and will be looking for residential places. The cost of housing will undoubtedly soar as a result of this. Corona hurt them, but it also provided a silver lining because many of them returned home and began saving money for the purchase of their permanent residence. 

More than 43% of millennials, according to research, our home buyers. Investors should consequently pay attention to this indicator. Strong economic conditions may also have a significant impact on this increase. A greater number of people are employed, have accumulated savings, and have found stability.

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Reduction in home appreciation rates

The rising demand for homes is anticipated to drive up home prices in 2023, although this is predicted to result in a narrow curve in housing appreciation rates. The circumstances of the previous years, when houses were appreciating so swiftly, are very different from the current ones. Of course, it is not anticipated that every housing situation will have this circumstance. Some may see an increase in the rate of appreciation; therefore, investors must make the right decisions. 

Effects on interest rates

According to reports, 2023 will be a prosperous year with progressively rising interest rates. The increase can be attributed to rising inflation rates, the possibility of a recession, and geopolitical factors. The Federal Reserve will automatically raise its rates as long as the inflation rate is high, which will boost housing costs. 

This unquestionably indicates that, depending on the rate of inflation, the position will inevitably change. The economy will enter a recession if the Federal Reserve keeps raising interest rates quickly.

Technological impact

Basically, technology is customary in the real estate industry. In the upcoming years, the industry is expected to continue implementing new technology. Smart home technology, online house-selling platforms, and apps are among the technologies that are anticipated to find use in this industry. 

A rise in the number of startups and high-tech businesses providing services to the industry is also expected, with many paying careful attention to completing transactions quickly.

Prices for single-family homes are predicted to remain high and supply to be limited as more individuals relocate to the suburbs and try to buy a home. 

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The need for homes will persist as a result of low mortgage rates. Real estate investors who are preparing for a post-pandemic revival of city life will have opportunities because the rental property market in major cities will continue to be in decline. Investors, therefore, have a hard time making a decision that is going to favor them financially.


Effects on housing inventory

In the year 2023, it is anticipated that housing-related inventories will increase. This is good news for house purchasers because it is likely that prices will rise in their favor in such a scenario. This will be short-lived as population growth and other things influence property prices. It will only be a dream if the population increases, but if it declines, it may give them some breathing room. new apartment for sale in Varkiza

Rent prices will continue to increase

Due to anticipated increases in rentals in 2023, landlords of rental properties should be thrilled. The Federal Reserve has published a report on this, and the conclusion is extremely favorable. Rent revenue is consequently anticipated to increase by 8.4%, which is excellent news for owners of rental properties. Midway through 2023, tenants who reside in rental properties are asked to get ready for these changes.

The rental market is proving to be a superior option for risk-takers who want to invest. There is a very high likelihood that income will increase, and returns are guaranteed. As of right now, they are anticipated to increase.