Golden tips for designing Business Cards

designing Business Cards

 Never trust anyone who tells you that business cards are out of fashion because they couldn’t be more wrong. Business cards are a part of the mainstream of businesses. Even though our world is going more towards paperless-ness, but business cards are still very important. If you want to create a lasting impression on your customers, clients, and partners’ thoughts, then make business cards for your company. Here are some tips which we gathered to help you in designing the business cards for long-lasting impressions.

Tips for designing an appealing business card:

  • Always keep the basics of designing a business card in mind: the business cards are a part of your business’s identity. It is a printed material that identifies your business, and so the rules of the paper apply to it:
  • Leave a distance of at least 5mm from the edge.
  • Work on the 300dpi for the good production of images.
  • Make sure to keep the size of typography at the minimum, so your card is easily readable.
  • Make sure that you use the proper hierarchy of information so that the reader gets the information in a sequenced way.
  • Be creative, but in the limit: a business card should follow a standard of sizes if it wants to be accepted as legitimate. The size of the card can vary from country to country but very slightly. Mostly its size is 54×86 mm, but you can change the specifications a bit according to your liking and requirements. Even though the business cards are small, you can still show your creativity on it. You can play with colors, different fonts, and various other things to make it stylish yet useful. Whatever your design to add on the card, don’t forget to add the important things like contact info, address, and make of the cardholder.
  • Avoid common issues: there are many types of common problems that can happen while designing the business card. One most common is that you make don’t provide the bleed, which is specified by your printer. The bleed is commonly 3mm, but it can also be 5mm, so it is better to check. Apart from this, don’t use a straight-line border along the whole edge as it can give the impression that the card is not properly cut or misaligned. If you already have designed your business card and realized that it has some alignment mistakes, you should consider remodeling business cards.
  • Use special finishes on the card: to bring an instant touch of class and sophistication to your business card; you can apply special finishes on them. By finishing, we mean to coat your card with: foil blocking, UV spots, embossing, metallic calligraphy, felt, etc. These special touches might make the printing process of the cards costlier, but it will be worth it. Because your card will become more perceptible, impressive, appealing, and also memorable. We further recommend that the special finish you choose for your business card be relevant to your business to provide a more personalized touch to the card.
  • Try different materials for your business cards: we discussed paper cards above, but now we will discuss what different material cards can bring to your business. Many businesses keep their card printing cost-effective get their cards printed on simple cards stock. However, to turn your business cards into more eye-catchy, innovative, and creative, you can get the printing done on any material you like and in any shape. You can use metal, plastic, slate, felt, wood, steel, etc. you can also design them to be useful yet informative like a restaurant in France has their business card in the shape of a mini kitchen grater, and one plant’s dispensary has a card with a small seed inside it which can be removed and planted in soil. You can choose any shape, material, and style of your card but ensure that they are portable and easy to carry around (pocket-sized).
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Hopefully, these tips will help you in successfully designing a business card for your company. Even when your business card is a small canvas, you can still create a masterpiece out of it. All you need is to find a professional business card maker to print the cards in the exact way that you want. But always remember to include the critical information on it no matter how you design it.