Is Moving Your Car in An Open-air Transport An Ideal Option?

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For all those, who are embarking on a long-distance move, shipping their cars is one of the most difficult tasks for them during their move. However, some may drive their cars by themselves but many don’t have the stamina to drive their car thousands of miles away. Therefore shipping their car to a new location becomes a big hassle for them. Now, don’t worry, hiring the best car shipping company will make things easier for you. Usually, all car shipping companies offer options for open-air and closed air transport options. Because of the lower cost of open-air transportation, usually, people attract towards this option but confused whether their decision is right or not.

If you are also in a dilemma struggling to make a decision then this content will help you. Usually, open-air containers are 80 feet to 100 feet wide with a two-level trailer carrying cars one above the other offering roof and side protection. You can see these trailers easily moving on the highway. But still, many people are finding it difficult to make a decision because they are afraid of the protection of cars.

Have a look at the pros of open-air car trailers!!!

• Price tag: Of course, one of the biggest reasons to choose open-air carriage is the price tag associated with it. Yes, shipping your car in an open-air trailer will help you to save hundreds of your bucks as compared to another mode of transportation. If you are planning to move multiple cars at once to your new location then yes, shipping it in open air trailer is always an economical practice.

• Open air trailers are designed in a way that these can fit various sizes of cars in it as well as they tend to transport multiple cars at ones. Usually, these carriers can ship 8 to 10 cars at ones, therefore, you can play a part in saving gasoline.

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• Another biggest advantage of open-air car trailers is that the driver is able to notice the damage of the car instantly therefore, the client has peace of mind about the protection of the vehicle.

• It is really very easy to find a car shipping company with open-air trailers. You can find such companies locally near you. You can easily find a reliable car shipping company near you but for this, you have to start your research a week ago once you have made a schedule to move.

• With open-air trailers, you can ship any kind of vehicle regardless of their cost. From a very small sized car to a luxurious long car, you can transport every vehicle at a very lower cost.

Because of the lower cost and the higher availability of the open-car trailers, most of the customers prefer these. However, there are some disadvantages associated with these, take a look:

Cons of open-car trailers

• The biggest con of open-air trailers is that it does not provide complete protection to your cars as there are no sides and roofs available on the trailer to protect your car. Therefore in harsh conditions of weather, chances are that your car will get damaged.

• Security is another big concern when it comes to open-air trailers. As the cars are exposed to the environment, therefore, these are more vulnerable to damage and scratches as compared to the closed trailers. This is the reason why it is recommended you to not to leave anything valuable in your car when you opt for open-air car trailer.

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• Usually, auto transport companies with open-air trailer do not offer you a warranty that your vehicle will remain safe in all kind of weather conditions.

• As you already know the open-air trailers have multiple cars at ones usually 8 to 10 therefore, the driver will take time to drop off each and every car to its location. So the company will take longer to give your car back to you at your new location.

• There are certain open-air transportation companies that don’t offer door to door delivery of your car. They will drop-off your car to the nearest local store of your new location from where you yourself have to pick-up your car. In some cases, when one wants the door to door delivery and does not have time to drive a car from the local hub to home, the open-air trailer is not an ideal option.

So, are you ready to choose an open-air trailer to ship your car?

Depending upon the type of car you have you can either choose open-air or enclosed trailers. If you have a luxurious car then you should choose an enclosed trailer while for others, opting for open-air will save a few bucks of yours. While choosing an open-air trailer company, make sure that the company is fully licensed and insured. You should also check the online reviews to know the quality of the services the company offers.