How Mobile Gaming is Inspiring a Revolution in the Casino Industry

How Mobile Gaming is Inspiring a Revolution in the Casino Industry

Technology evolves fast. About 500 years ago, young boys and girls were learning to toss marbles for the first time. In the early 1900s, young men learned of the slot gaming machine. Fast forward to the 80s and 90s and desktop computers started taking shape as gaming machines.

In the last five years, everyone has been talking about mobile gaming and how it’s changing the industry. If you love casino games, you’ve probably come across several casino sites Online Cricket Betting ID encouraging you to .

Even when the casino’s site is properly functioning, they still want to download their app. There are many reasons for this, some we’ve discussed below.


Online casino games are traditionally easy to play. Tap the play the icon on slots and reels spin. Click fold to fold poker cards or double down to double your bet in blackjack. Skills are rarely needed, which makes casino games convenient for mobile players.

It’s not just casino game developers that are targeting mobile gamers with simplistic games. Video game developers have also been slowing down on making complex mobile games in place for easy to play games.

The goal is to make games people would enjoy while traveling to work via the train. Games that take a few minutes to complete a level or solve a puzzle are becoming popular. Casino game developers are good at this, and they believe they can push the industry forward by targeting mobile gamers.


While gamers have always picked large screens for streaming over small mobile devices, that trend is quickly changing. 35% of Twitch streamers view streams on smartphones and tablets. While most Twitch viewers visit the site to watch video games, the stats say something huge about mobile phones and facilitating streaming.

People are open to streaming games via mobile phones more than ever before. Casino game developers have already caught up with the trend and avail most of their games through live sections. For clarity, the live gaming section involves playing games like poker and blackjack and against other players.

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Live casinos create an immersive game atmosphere by allowing players to socialize, interact with dealers and by providing games using realistic gaming studios. You can view some of the best live casinos in this new casinos list and guide. Keep in mind while the list contains casinos licensed to operate in New Jersey, you can access their services from virtually any part of the world.

Adaption to Changing Technology

Mobile phones are hugely adaptable to change, a factor that is needed to help any industry steer forward. Whether it’s AR and VR, graphics advancements or changing demands by customers, mobile devices check every category.

In the AR and VR spectrum, mobile devices are fast emerging to be the developers’ preferred option. They’re more affordable for players and developers also cut down costs by customizing games for the niche group.

When it comes to supporting advanced graphics, PCs are far ahead. There is a significant gap, to be frank, but casino developers believe smartphones also support graphics that are good enough for players. And true, most mobile device owners acknowledge the limitations of their devices.

In general, PC devices are far ahead in supporting advanced technological features. Still, this isn’t stopping developers from investing heavily on games-centric to mobile gamers.

Boosting the Gaming Market

According to industry experts, mobile gaming isn’t trying to kill console or PC gaming. The reason for its explosive popularity boils down to the affordable nature of smartphones. People that traditionally played casino games on their laptops haven’t thrown their devices away. They’re just complementing their PCs with mobile devices.

On the other hand, there is a whole group of players learning about gaming through smartphones. People who rarely use their laptops outside of work only have smartphones to play. And they are proving to be an important market for all game developers.

Unlike in the past, gaming demographics keep on expanding as newer smartphones come out. The casino industry which used to be popular with older generation players is now experiencing an influx of younger players. Online casinos that only targeted Western Markets have now expanded globally as smartphones penetrate all parts of the world.

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Creating Communities

Creating social experiences is yet another reason people love mobile games. You can easily share your gaming stats on Twitter. You can create new Facebook friends without leaving game apps. With cloud-based apps, your data synched with that of millions worldwide to help compare your skills to the rest of the world.

Add the thrills of streaming and engaging in multiplayer gaming and you get a cocktail of immersive experiences achieved without spending much. Of course, PC computers also have their own fascinations and sociable moments but more and more people now socialize using smartphones.

In a unique way, mobile devices also supplement other gaming channels. Because of their adaptability to change, gamers can play the same game using any of their devices. When they quit gaming, they also don’t have to worry about losing progress. Their data is properly synched through a single account.

Social Casinos

Social casinos are a unique component of the gaming industry and one that is predominantly reliant on mobile devices. Social casinos are often ignored when people talk about the factors steering the casino industry forward but they make up a billion-dollar industry.

For the uninitiated, social casinos are apps and gaming sites that offer casino games without the element of real money gaming. If you’ve ever downloaded a blackjack app on play stores or subscribed to a Facebook social game like Zynga, you’re part of the social casinos’ community. While you may not be involved in any real money gaming, you’re still involved in casino gaming.

To Conclude

Mobile gaming is officially bigger than PC gaming. In the online casino industry, it’s also inspiring a revolution on how gamblers play. Traditionally, most casino players relied on laptops and desktops for gambling. These days, everyone has a mobile phone with the apps they love. In the future, it’s these mobile devices that will mostly determine which direction the casino industry follows.