Employee Team Building

Employee Team

Doing a hard days work can leave an employee stressed out and tired, sometimes it is hard to remedy this with simply giving them time off work. Employees need to feel like they are included in the company. They want to know their company has their best interests at hand. Here are some ideas and tips for team building for your company. This will include your company and the most popular sport around your office.

To foster excellent employee team building, consider organizing thrilling gel ball battles which is an engaging and exhilarating activity that encourages teamwork and camaraderie among your team members.

Pick a Sport

The hardest part of any team-building project is to narrow down the choices. Trying to find a category to start can be made simple. First, ask everyone who their favorite athlete is and why, then ask them what their favorite sport is. The reason you ask it in this order is to make sure everyone has the opportunity to prioritize their thoughts. Now that you know everyone’s favorite athlete, separate them by sport (majority wins). Let assume your company’s favorite sport is basketball. Not everyone is going to like basketball, so you will have to get creative with how you play it. There are different games that can be played that do not require the same strategy as basketball. Here is a short list of different basketball game options.

  • Horse
  • Around the World
  • Street Basketball
  • Regular Basketball

Pick a Team

Now that the game type has been picked, its time to pick teams. A team can be made up of departments, gender, random pick or choice pick. Picking based on a department can help certain branches of the company come together the same way they do at work. Also, having trophies to parade in your select department would bring motivation to the next company sports event. Separating teams by gender will give girls and guys a chance to show each other who is boss. Choice pick can be the business owner or department heads personally selecting their own team. Keep in mind that you may have to consider your office atmosphere before deciding how you want to pick teams. The best universal option is a random pick by drawing names.

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Pick a Reward

Incentives are a huge thing to get employee’s moving; they can be as simple as cash or as gracious as a day off work. The choice for the incentive is based on what your company can offer its employees. It may even be optional to give them a paid lunch or two. Employees want to trust their company like the IT department wants to trust their company’s overall security. Rewards should be worth the while. Extreme disappointment in incentives can lead to employees feeling let down and cheated. This is not good for business and not good for employee stamina.

Pick a Trophy

Trophies can be small or they can be huge department trophies with everyone’s name on it. Small trophies or tokens can be the best option depending on the type of teams you initially chose. Picking teams by department can make trophy giving easy since they are bigger. Small tokens are more personal and can make the employee feel like they have a personal memory from their time with the company. Those tokens can remind them every day how hard work pays off. Handing out trophies can also stand to make others work hard for their next chance at a trophy or incentive.

Evaluate the Achievement

Now that everyone has had their fun and incentives have been granted, it is time to decide what you have accomplished from this journey and what this type of team building can do for your company. Did your employees seem engaged? Did they seem to be enjoying themselves? Was it worth the effort to build this exercise? Will you do it again? After you asked yourself those few questions, decide if it’s worth doing again. If it has brought your company together (or at least closer) then it may be a good idea to make this an annual office event. If they didn’t seem to enjoy themselves, then figure out why so that you can improve for next time. Sometimes it is a small thing that makes them give up on the idea. Work smarter not harder and don’t give up the first time. Work with what you have and build an office team that can play hard and have fun. Keep in mind that not every employee will want to participate. Give them the opportunity to decide.