Barbatos Genshin: Everything You Need To Know!

barbatos genshin

If you do not live under a rock, you probably have heard of the game Genshin Impact. Whether you’ve played the game or not, we’re sure that you have at least seen the advertisements. Or heard about it from a friend. Anyway, it is one of the most popular games right now. That is why your curiosity about this character from the game is justified. It is a very popular character with an interesting story and is loved by many. Want to know more about him? And about the game? Well, then, let us first introduce you to the game and then to Barbatos and why people want to know about Barbatos Genshin.

barbatos genshin

About the game

Ranking as one of the most popular games in the world, Genshin Impact is a story game. Yes, it is a fantasy land with a story. And characters have to complete challenges to achieve goals. We will just give you a brief overview of the game. After all, we do not want to spoil the actual gaming experience for you by telling you everything.

Coming to the plot of the game, when one starts playing it, they find themselves in the world of Teyvat. Yes, it is a fictional fantasy world. Moving forward, Teybat is a world that consists of seven nations. Each of these seven nations is special. They are all tied to different elements. Isn’t that magical? What’s more magical is that they are ruled by not humans but Gods!

The game follows the story of the Traveller. Now, this Traveller has travelled many other worlds with this twin. But they were unfortunately separated in Teyvat. We see what unfolds in his journey after he gets separated from his twin. If you want to know more about the game in general, we recommend you subscribe to it!

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barbatos genshin

Barbatos Genshin Impact

Now coming to Barbatos, he is a God. Remember that earlier in the article, we mentioned that each nation is ruled by a God? Well, Barbatos is a God who rules Mondstadt. To be very honest, he is not a ruler like the other gods. He is the God of Freedom. The title itself is quite self-explanatory. He gives his subjects Freedom. Thus, further suggesting that he doesn’t exercise much power over them. Which kind of defeats the purpose of the idea that gods are ruling over mortals. But some players and fans see it as a very positive thing. He is also known as Lord Barbatos.

Barbatos Appearance

Despite being a God, Barbatos appears as a mortal bard in the game. Even though he is actually a god, he has a small figure. And has green and white feathers that make him look very aesthetically pleasing. He has a dark face and a diamond heart on his chest.

And yes, you guessed correctly, Barbatos is in his mortal form as a disguise. Aside from a handful of characters in the game, no one in Mondstadt knows that he is the God Barbatos himself.

Barbatos origin story

Now, you might be wondering why a God is disguised as a mortal, right? Well, that is because he loves to give his subjects Freedom. He doesn’t want them to be under his or anyone’s rule on a daily basis. And that’s probably why we don’t see him interfere with the affairs of Mondstadt that much. Since he is all about giving Freedom and not exercising his power much, he is the weakest God.

But why a bard, you might ask? Well, according to the history of Mondstadt, a nameless bard had protested against the then tyrannical ruler. And Barbatos, then in the form of a spirit that helped the Bard in ensuring Freedom for the nation. Unfortunately, the Bard died in the rebellion. And to honour his memory, Barbatos chose to take his form. This mattered to him as he valued the Freedom of his people over everything else.

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Coming to the age of Barbatos is 2,600 years old. Surprised? Wait till you know the age of the oldest God, Morax. Morax is 6,000 years old.

Barbatos also happens to be one of the only two Gods we see at the beginning of the game. The other one is Morax. Barbatos has a good relationship with Morax but not with other gods.

It is very easy to predict that he has a very calm character. He is a butler as well. And we also see him singing as well. But whether he is good at it or not is debatable.

Barbatos popularity

It is fair to wonder why Barbatos is popular. He is weak compared to the other gods, but that doesn’t make him dull. We have to remember that players are unaware of their identity in the beginning. They see him as a kind yet mischievous Bard, Venti. And he was one of the very first characters players introduced to at the beginning of the game. He is not a very playable character, but players love him nonetheless. And do their best to play him by the wish system. He was also one of the first characters that had his own banner in the game’s wish system.

Venti (disguised form) is also loved because, at first, no one knows about the depth of his character. But even when they learn the truth of his identity, players continue to love him.

Final Thoughts

And this is where we conclude the blog about Barbatos Genshin. We hope to have shed some light on the character that is loved most. A god disguised as a mortal bard is one of the coolest character stories. If you like knowing Barbatos Genshin, we suggest you play the game, so you can finally meet the character.

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