How to use Hashtags on Instagram

how to use Hashtags on Instagram , to sweep away blindness – What is Hashtag?


Hash is a well-known hash number, that is, #; Tag is the meaning of the label; then Hashtag is naturally a combination of the two, that is, “well font + a word or a phrase (with no spaces in between)”. Mainly used to mark the topic of a post.

(Note: Hashtag was first used in Twitter. In the posted twitter, if you add Hashtag, it will not only make the content more eye-catching, but it will automatically become a link; click this link to see all the netizens at the same time. The same twitter on this topic.

Now, Hashtag has become a trend, and Facebook, Google+ and many blog platforms support the use of Hashtags. )

Why use Hashtag?

On average, there are 80 million photos shared every day on Instagram. Without such a large number of methods, it is difficult to find the photos you want! So, Hashtag appeared.

On Instagram, the hashtag is like a rope, and each hashtag can connect all posts on a topic. In other words, if your post is public, you can find your post as long as someone searches for a Hashtag for your post.

Finding relevant content on Instagram using Hashtag is easy:

Enter a Hashtag in the search box and the search results are divided into three sections: top posts, most recent posts, and related hashtags. Among them, related hashtags are other tags used by people on this topic.

We can use it to expand the coverage of the post. For example, if you plan to use #coffee to mark your post, you can put #coffee in the search box and then there may be recommendations like #latte, #cappuccino, #icecoffee, #coffeebreak, etc. in related hashtags.

OK, you can record these hashtags and mark them in your post to increase the visibility of your posts. (Note: In order for others to search for you via hashtags, your post permissions must be set to public!)

How to choose the right Hashtags?

1. If you already have an idea in your mind, ok, put this tag in the search box, then click on “Tags” to see how many posts use this tag and what tags are similar.

2 If you don’t have any ideas yet, it doesn’t matter! Click on “Top” to see which tags have been used in recent popular posts. If appropriate, you can also add hot spots to the posts to increase the number of views~

1.If you want your post to be seen by more people, and not just a flash in the pan. Then your Hashtags preferably include the following types: general tags, hot tags (with obvious timeliness), and specific tags.
2. In some cases, you can also create your own brand label. However, before using it, be sure to conduct an appropriate investigation to ensure that this tag will not be used for other purposes, and encourage your fans to use it to avoid abuse. Studies have shown that a post using 1 to 4 tags is the best. Too many tags are easy to be considered as spam. In addition, the position of the label does not affect the effect of the label. If it’s hard to fit the label naturally into Instagram Caption, put the label at the end of Caption or the first comment in the post.

5. How to create an Instagram marketing strategy?
Instagram is different from other popular social networking sites, so marketing strategies are also different.
1) Identify the audience

Who are your target customers? Who is your audience? What is the age, location, gender, income, interest, and pain point of the audience?
Yes, a familiar encounter, because any marketing starts from this step! (Before Facebook, LinkedIn, youtube marketing I have been stunned…)  You can also buy Facebook, twitter and YouTube followers from many platform available only. For Youbube, you can get them from QuantumMarketer.

The correct analysis of the audience is the premise that you will not go wrong and fall! !

How to determine the audience of the post?

Gain insight into your target customers -> Identify the audience for Instagram posts.

(The post audience is a subset of the target customers, because not all target customers can use Instagram to influence ~)
You can: Keep an eye on popular events and interest hashtags related to your industry; find out who is using these tags (your competitors), check out their profile and fans.

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Often, competitors’ profiles and the characteristics of their fans can give you a lot of information.

2) Competitive analysis
Take a look at the posts published by other marketers in the industry;
check the competitor’s Instagram profile, posting frequency, posting quality, commonly used Hashtag, Instagram Caption writing type, fan development speed, which type of post User engagement is the highest…

When looking at a competitor’s existing content, the brain needs to be alive and see if you can find out the details that the competitor missed. Be aware that unique content is the key to making us stand out.

3) Set the editing calendar (Editorial Calendar)
In general, a brand publishes six posts a week on Instagram, and on average, it has to add more than 300 posts per year!

Faced with so many posts, it’s hard to figure out which ones you need to publish and which ones you have already released. So, for management convenience, you can create an edit calendar. A full plan will help the well-organized work behind.

You can plan the post type, Instagram Caption, Hashtags and post posting time in advance on the calendar.
Important events can be noted above, such as the release of new products or special offers.

4) Build your own brand style
having your own brand style is the key to putting the brand into your mind. The unique style will make the user’s nerves sharp, and immediately realize the brand when you see the picture.


Consider the following questions: What is your brand value? What is your brand identity? Are you bold? Fun? creative? adventurous? concise? crazy? …
a very successful example: once the brand features are determined, your post content (and even the background color) will go all out to cater to it. In addition, you should also send some pictures about the brand story and add compelling brand stories to Instagram Caption to increase the brand’s appeal. Red Bull is a typical example.

5) Converting fans into customers Sending pictures, telling stories are all means, and marketing is the ultimate goal. Fans are our toon, so how can we get the toon?

Law 1 Promotion: Promotions are a great way to drive Instagram fans from viewers to customers. Be careful to explain the conditions and expiration time of the promotional offer in Caption, and make adequate preparations and emergency plans.

Method 2 Competition: Publish content by asking users to follow you or using specific Hashtags.

Law 3 Philanthropy: According to a recent survey, 81% of people want brand companies to do charitable activities that reward society. Doing so can not only improve the affinity of the brand, but also help turn fans into customers. For example, Gap works with the Global Fund to help fight the spread of AIDS in Africa. Since 2006, it has helped raise more than $130 million.

Method 4 teasing:Instagram is a great platform for viewers to take a look at before launching new products. You can use a few interesting pictures to whet your appetite and tease your desire to buy.

Method 5 launches live product broadcast: You can use Instagram Live to showcase new products or services. And add a purchase link to your profile to drive the user’s purchase.

5. How to get more followers on Instagram?

Want to get more followers (fans) on Instagram?
Ok, No Problem! However, be sure to remember: don’t buy powder, don’t buy powder, don’t buy powder! I bought a bunch of fake powder, and there was very little participation in the post. It really didn’t help!
Next, Ring New will give you a few effective ways:

1) Optimize your profile: Username and Profile ( Bio ).
Make sure the username is identifiable and searchable. If people can’t find you, why should you follow you?
In addition, Instagram Bio is also a top priority, and your profile is their last concern before deciding whether or not to follow you.
So, be sure to write in the briefing who you are, what you did, what you have to do.
2 ) Post a post After
personal data optimization, start posting! Imagine if you visit a page and find that there is almost nothing in it, will you pay attention to it?
So, before you really start to attract people and try to get fans, send more high-quality posts (15 or so)!
Of course, we must pay attention to the quality of the post, that is, the quality of the photo! ! Instagram users are very picky about the picture. If you post a bad photo, the user is likely to leave you.

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3 ) Pay attention to other accounts.
After posting some high quality posts, start paying attention to Instagram accounts related to your industry or products.
We can think of Instagram as a community, all you have to do is find other companies or influential people or competitors in your area.
After paying attention to them, actively interact with their content. This can be said to be the most natural way to attract attention.
Note: The account owner will be notified when you follow or interact with your account. They may check your account and start following you.
Also, be sure to respond to your fans’ comments in a timely manner. The more interactions, the more users will be attracted.

4 ) Encourage others to share your content.

The more posts you share, the more exposure you have, and the easier it is to get fans.
Brand ambassadors can be invited to share your account or collaborate with similar accounts. For example, a local store can work with well-known designers to launch the latest seasons.
5) Last but not least, be sure to promote your Instagram in other channels!

For example, add an Instagram social sharing button to your website, or encourage followers on other platforms to follow you on Instagram.

Six, five little-known Instagram marketing secrets!

1 ) In Instagram the best time posted on

Instagram is a mobile-side applications, so any time a user in one day almost always on the platform.
However, the prime time for the release is from 6 pm to 7:30 pm and 11 am on weekends. Because the two periods of time are the peak period of Instagram usage, it means that the chances of being posted are larger, and the chance of attracting likes increases. Of course, the actual situation depends on the life habits of your follower. If a friend has a lot of night cats, he may have to adjust the best post time.

2 ) How to associate other accounts 

Enter the account settings (Options), select “Linked Accounts” in Settings, and then you can associate Facebook, Twitter, Tumbrl and other accounts. Sharing can increase the number of page views. But everyone has to learn to filter, after all, not everything is suitable for sharing.

3 ) How to see the post you liked Click on the account settings and select “Posts You’ve Liked”. You can see all the posts you liked.

4) Customize the order of the filters When uploading images.

Instagram will provide you with a choice of filters and allow you to customize the order of the filters, so we can save the most time by moving the most commonly used filters to the front. As shown above (haha, I will not tell you that this is our proud little public – Google Uncle!!!), long press the filter (photo) you want to move, and then move it to the left or right to you want The desired location is fine.

5) Hide the posts you have already marked
into the account settings, select “Photos of you”, It will show all the posts that tag you.
If you don’t want others to see this from your profile, you can: Click on the three dots in the upper right corner, click on “Hide Photos”; select the post you want to hide and click on “Hide posts” again.

In addition, Instagram Insights will also analyzeInstagram posts (data within 7 days or 30 days). Including the Impression of the post (the number of times the post was viewed), Reach (representing the number of times the post was viewed by a separate account), the number of clicks on the URL, and other activities of the fan.