Kill Time, Anytime: 7 Entertaining Apps for Boredom

apps for boredom

Why just kill time, when you can fill the void with fun?

There are times when you’re stuck somewhere (think of an airport lobby, for example). However, it doesn’t just mean you have to stare at the wall and think about whether you left the stove on.

Instead, you could turn on your mobile device (let’s be honest, it’s probably already on) and try one of these apps for boredom. Here are 7 you won’t want to miss…

1. Luminosity

When it comes to apps that are fun, you don’t only have to choose ones where you’re shooting space aliens. Apps that can break boredom can be both fun and good for your brain.

For example, Luminosity combines gaming with brain exercise to keep your gray matter in better shape. You can customize your experience depending on your strengths (and weaknesses.)

2. Bubble Wrap

Who doesn’t love popping bubble wrap? There’s something oddly soothing about it. Well, just because you don’t always have bubble wrap laying around (especially in an airport lobby), it doesn’t mean you can’t get your pop on!

The free app is available across a range of Apple devices, and it even touts how it can “relieve stress.”

3. Solitaire

Perhaps the ultimate time-waster, solitaire has been a desktop computer favorite for years. The digital card game, as suggested by the name, can be played by just one person, who arranges the cards in certain ways.

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The app is included in Windows 10, but it’s also now available as apps for iOs and Android devices.

If card games and gambling are your things, you can also explore online casino promotions to enhance your experience.

4. Heads Up!

This app apparently originated from the Ellen DeGeneres show. It involves multiple players with mobile devices trying to guess the word displayed on their forehead, while the other players shout clues.

Of course, there’s also the added challenge of achieving this before the timer runs out. This one can even be played safely for social distancing.

5. Powerful Brain

Back to the brain-building apps! This one is designed for adults and kids. It can also make you laugh with jokes or make you think with brain teasers.

It gives an example of a teaser by asking how many seconds there are in a year. While you try to do the math, you then realize they meant the 2nd of every month! Laughter ensues.

6. Photoshop Sketch

If you’re feeling a bit artsy and trapped on a long car ride, then you can reach for this app.

The app allows you to make drawings on your mobile device without a lot of technical know-how. However, with some patience it also lets you create something you can proud of.

The iOS version of this app apparently also shows you a time-lapse of your art coming together!

7. Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover

You might not have brought that make-up kit with you on your business train ride. However, here’s an app that lets you experiment with different makeup and hair colors with no commitment!

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Choose The Best Apps For Boredom

If you’re feeling stuck with nothing to do, luckily there are apps for boredom that can both entertain and be educational at the same time!

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