How Kids Can Get Whiter Teeth

Kids Get Whiter Teeth

To develop a healthy white tooth, oral care must start as early as possible. The enamel is prone to stains and erosion as time goes on. This is because of the food that is being consumed daily. Here is a write-up on How Kids Can Get Whiter Teeth.

Adults have ways to go about their dental care. They have money so that they can purchase commercial whitening products.

For children, maintaining a healthy white smile can be difficult. Kids love sweet and sugary foods. And these foods are dangerous for oral health. On top of that, they need proper supervision to brush and floss consistently.

In this piece, you will learn practical ways for kids to improve their teeth quality. We are going to talking about the best methods. These methods are natural solutions that aren’t expensive. These solutions protect the enamel. They also ensure bacteria are ridden from the mouth.

The enamel plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy tooth. The enamel has to be cared for to retain its strength. It is only when the enamel is substantial that the teeth can remain bright and healthy.

Below are excellent solutions for children to maintain white teeth.

Lemon Mixed with Baking Soda

Lemon and baking soda are great cleaning solutions. In them, there are stain removing ingredients. Baking soda and lemon, when combined, provide a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction is effective in rubbing off stains from the enamel.

To use this solution, slice your lemon and squeeze out the juice. Afterward, pour a small amount of baking soda inside the fluid and steer. Let the solution sit for about ten minutes, then brush with it.

Make sure you do not swallow the solution while brushing. Despite the effectiveness of this solution, it can be dangerous to the health when ingested.

Also, limit the use of the baking soda and lemon solution. The acidic content in lemon is very high. Too much use can damage the enamel. I propose using this solution at most twice a week to be on the safe side. You can find more here about using baking soda for dental hygiene. 

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Regularly Consume Fruits and Vegetables

Consuming hard fruits help kids to maintain white dentition. Other than being nutritious, fruits and vegetables are important for oral health. They help to clean the tooth and strengthen the enamel.

Examples of dental care fruits are celery, apples, carrots, and papayas. These are hard fruit that rubs off stains from the teeth. These fruits also ensure that bacteria are eradicated from the mouth.

When hard fruits are chewed, there’s a scouring action taking place. The scouring action helps to ensure the teeth are properly cared for. It also offers excess saliva in the mouth. And saliva helps to clean the mouth.

The commercial teeth whitening products have malic acid in them. And malic acid is found in apples. So, when apple is regularly consumed, it helps to improve the quality of the teeth. Furthermore, because most teeth whitening products contain chemicals that are unsafe for children. Consuming apple means that children are replenishing their nutrients as well as undergoing dental care.

Be Wary of Consuming Sugary and Acidic Foods

As adults, we are wary of the things we consume in our bodies. This isn’t the same for kids. Children will eat anything as long as it’s tasty. Some significant contributors to poor oral health are sugary and citric foods and drinks. These foods and beverages damage the enamel and cause stains to the tooth.

Avoid or limit the intake of sugary foods. Not only does this help with overall health, but it also helps with oral hygiene. It also helps to keep the teeth white and preserve the enamel.

Children might find it challenging to limit sugary foods. Still, kids should limit acidic and sugary food as early as they can. This is so as they can maintain a bright and healthy tooth.

Consistently Brush and Floss

Consistent brushing and flossing help to promote healthy white teeth. As parents, ensure your kids’ brush and floss twice daily. They need to do so, especially after consuming sugary foods. Encourage children to brush after meals. This is so as stains are rubbed off from the tooth surface.

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Give at least 30 minutes before brushing. This will help remove hard to see stains and Food particles from the teeth—kids who regularly brush and floss tend to have a bright smile. So, every child must do this.

Using Teeth Whitening Products for Kids

Your kid doesn’t have a bright tooth, and you are considering the use of at home teeth whitening kit for a deep clean. It is common not to be sure of the safety of using them on kids.

Most commercial dental whitening products have adverse effects on kids. Most dentists do not recommend dental whitening products on kids. They believe harsh chemicals are in them that are dangerous for children.Hence, check the services offered by your dentist to help with teeth whitening.

However, some teeth whitening products have instructions on their product. Check each of them to see if any can be used on kids. If not, keep away from using them.

Dental care products with hydrogen peroxide are best for teeth whitening. Using this product on your kid can be safe. You just make sure to limit the use to only a few times a week. Also, ensure your kids do not swallow hydrogen peroxide. The harmful chemical it has doesn’t interact well in the system.

Take Away

Teeth whitening for kids can be done naturally. Consuming natural fruits is a great way to maintain a bright smile. Also, abstaining from sugary and acidic foods can help oral health.

Regularly consuming water is also suitable for promoting dental hygiene. Water allows the retention of saliva in the mouth. This helps to fight cavities and clean the tooth.

Parents should ensure to monitor kid’s brushing and flossing routine. Brushing and flossing are detrimental to improving dental hygiene. The toothpaste has cleaning essential in them, and they help with teeth health.

Brushing should be done at least twice every day. And it should be done consistently. Avoid using the same toothbrush for too long. This can cause more harm than good.