Smart Marketers Using Bots Are Crushing Their Competition

Smart Marketers Using Bots Are Crushing Their Competition

It’s the year 2019, and more than ever, online marketing has become the mainstream application when it comes to generating revenue, return on investment and more. By utilizing ads, pay per click browsing, generating site traffic, increasing SEO for onsite and off-site content, businesses are making more now than ever and literally everyone is jumping in the game to be the one on top. But here’s a little secret.

The smartest digital marketers have one thing more than just a social media page to maximize their efficiency and overtake their competitors, and they are the companies that are using smart bot marketing like ManyChat in their Facebook pages for their customers to reach out to.

Why Smart Bots are a Necessity

If you think about it, sure you can pay a fee to a company or have your own in-house support team that can answer literally every “call to action” generated by your company’s Facebook page, but this can literally be extremely expensive. By using a chatbot and tapping into its abilities and functions properly, you can program that chatbot to be a literal virtual assistant that is more than just technical support.

It can provide sales pitches, offer affiliate marketing tactics, and even talk toy our customers like they’re a real person so they feel like you generated the user experience just for them. On top of that, it can filter customers appropriately so you only need to personally handle the ones you need to, leaving you more time to do the work you need to do in order to keep your business afloat.

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Is it Expensive?

While in order to get the most out of a smart bot like ManyChat requires you to pay a monthly fee, it is a lot cheaper than having to pay a company or hire someone in your own company to manage and handle all of the features it does. Therefore, you can actually save thousands a year. What’s even better, you can take a course online that can help you get the best experience and tailor your bot for yourself and your company, which can make your bot a better “representative” to your customers.

You may need some quality training from true professional ManyChat experts, but even if you do this, you can find one that will teach you (more about that below) the ways to maximize your ROI’s (returns on investment) and generate more customers and users to subscribe to your Facebook page, e-mail marketing campaigns, and even your actual website or YouTube page. You’ll learn advanced tactics so your bot will be completed automated. If they don’t teach you this, and only teach you the basics, then you’re better off going to get your training straight from the ManyChat site itself.


Smart Bot Marketers is the best solution when it comes to getting the right training from a true automation expert and ManyChat professional. You’ll learn all of the tactics we mentioned above, as well as get more in-depth details on how to make your chatbot work for you so that you can crush your competitors in the surrounding area and end up being the top dog in your game.