Plumbers in Darwin Talk About Common Plumbing Issues

Plumbers in Darwin Talk About Common Plumbing Issues

Great Northern Plumbers Darwin have something important to say to you, the consumer. One of those things we’re going to talk about is that there are common problems that you may want to give them a call for. Sure, you can fix some of it yourself, but if you want the best job done and have the best equipment, as well as a service guarantee, you’ll want to call a problem if you experience some of the issues we’re covering in this guide.

When Your Faucets Drip

Having a constantly leaking faucet can be a lot of problems, even your actual water line itself. When your faucet drips, not only are you wasting water, but you’re racking up that water bill a lot. If you start to see higher water bills and don’t know why, be sure to check for a dripping faucet or a leaky toilet first. You may be surprised to know your toilet is running every so often or your faucet is dripping.

Leaking Pipes

A lot of times, the most common culprit is leaky pipes. This doesn’t always have to be a humongous leak either with water spraying everywhere or busted pipes. Sometimes, this can just be a little thing like glue at the joints not working right or even the actual degradation of the pipe itself.

Not Enough Water Pressure

Older homes often share their water pressure, so people think. The truth is; all homes systems usually share the same water pressure. If you don’t have enough pressure at the main, you’ll notice extreme water pressure drops. Otherwise, this could mean that you’ve got a leak elsewhere if you have everything off in your home and are still experiencing low water pressure.

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Your Drains are Clogged

Whether they’re completely clogged or slow, be sure you call a plumber if you don’t have the means to fix things yourself (like under the sink drains, etc.) You want to make sure that even if you have slow drains, you avoid doing anything other than plunging your drain in this case, because it can be harmful to your household and your plumber when he does come out there. Plumbers have the tools necessary to fix things beyond your control, and can even find out if the problem is further down your sewer line. You’d be surprised just how many people have had problems flushing those body cleaning wipes that say they’re “flushable”.


These aren’t the only areas that people generally have problems, but with that being said, they are some of the most common. Be sure that if you need to have quality work done, you look for a good reputable plumber in Darwin that is licensed and fully insured. They’ll be able to fix your leaky pipes, and even get the best service guarantee for you available for not only their work but even to be able to buy materials cheaper than you’ll be able to (many contractors actually get a discount from hardware companies).