Best and Easiest Way to Promote YouTube Channel

Best and Easiest Way to Promote YouTube Channel

YouTube is the easiest yet tricky platform to earn money. It is easy as it allows you to earn money by just staying at home and uploading videos. You don’t even have to come in the videos neither you got to voice in it. All it requires to be is interesting enough to grab the interest of your audience. However, another part of earning money is difficult. Videos can make you earn money as much as you can as the channel pays for views on YouTube, after having ads in it. So the trick is how you will share your video in order to grab viewers and subscribers. Here are some best and best and easiest ways to promote your YouTube channel:

Finding The Best Platforms To Share Your Videos:

First thing you have to do is sharing your videos on different channels or social media. One thing you need to notice here is other channels that social media will charge you money however for social media you will not have to pay for views on YouTube. Also, try to find social channels that can bring more views on your videos. Three major, famous, most profitable platforms of social media are:

  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Instagram;

These three platforms are embedded with users of all kind and all interests. Moreover, these users are likely to go on YouTube, so there are 90% chances that users will definitely click on the link of your video.

Putting Attractive Ads in Videos to Get Money:

The second thing you have to do is adding ads in the videos you make money with youtube affiliate marketing. It will pay you for each ad played in your channel and seen by your users. The trick here is to put ads on such an interval where suspense makes the users continue to watching an ad so that they can see the remaining video. However, make sure to put a small ad in your video so as not to test your viewers’ patience too much so that they close the video and start watching something else. Hence while putting ads make sure;

  • Put ads in the video at an interesting point
  • Put small ads in the videos
  • Remember ads should be somehow slightly relevant to your content
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Put Right Tags in Videos and Remain Active on Channel:

Also, while uploading the videos, it will ask you to put some tags. These tags are the most searched keywords related to your videos. Such as, if you are uploading an episode of Game of Thrones series, you add to your video tags like #Gameofthronesseason8 #Gameofthronesenglish #Gameofthronessubtitles and some relevant tags that you think users search while searching for GoT on YouTube. These tags will make your video to show up again and again in search results. If you don’t know how to get relevant tags, you can use

  • Search tags via SEO
  • Ask yourself what are the relevant searches that users can type
  • Try to recall your own searching style when you find something online

Also, make sure not to put any space or hyphen between hashtags as it can ruin a good keyword.

By using all mentioned above ways, you will surely be able to get more viewers in a natural way.  If you want more views to make your videos more attractive check SocialBoss! Pay for views on YouTube to be closer to your dream!