Legislation of Poppers

Legislation of Poppers

What Are Poppers and Poppers Legislation?

Poppers (otherwise known as alkyl nitrites) are colourless liquids that is central to the gay culture. The drug relaxes the muscles of the throat and the anus, and hence, it enhances anal sex. The drug has also been used for recreational purposes because it makes someone feel “high.”.

The uses of poppers are room aromas, deodorants, and leather cleaners, and are sold as such. However, if the current statistics are anything to go by, the poppers are not used for such purposes, but rather, they are used for gay sex as well as recreational purposes.

Poppers Legislation in the UK

The use of poppers gained popularity in the 1970s. In 2016, Crispin Blunt, a conservative MP stated that he is a user of poppers and urged the government to allow the “legal high.” Though he did not succeed in his request, the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs stated that poppers UK based use would not fall under Psychoactive Substances Act. This is because they are not known to have a direct impact on the central nervous system.

Poppers Legislation

Poppers have been illegal in Australia for a long time. However, despite the ban, poppers have been used in the Australian market by at least half of the gay people. Though the product is now legal in the Australian market, it will take long for the same to be available in the Australian market. As per now, it is assumed that the legal source of poppers is pharmacies.

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In 2013, Health Canada started cracking down on poppers available in Canada where it is illegal to use them. This is as a response to cases where users would develop a poor vision. Other reasons given by Health Canada for a crackdown on poppers are low blood pressure, cardio-vascular impact, rapid heart rate, and irregular heart rhythm. Prior to 2013, poppers were used in sex shops.

The University of British Columbia states that Canada is using the wrong approach in managing poppers in the country. It states that, be making it illegal to acquire poppers, the product will still be available underground. Users of poppers in the country are still calling for the legalization of the product.

In the 1970s, poppers were common in French night clubs. The use of poppers in France gained a lot of popularity between 2000 and 2010, this was the second most popular drug after cannabis. Both the adults and the teenagers were reported to use poppers. In 2011, the Council of State, France, allowed the trade and use of poppers, something that was illegal prior. Today, France allows all types of poppers except isobutyl nitrite.

Summarise the above key points.

-Poppers are used to relax muscles during anal sex

-After the 1970s poppers were highly regulated

-The reason for the regulation of poppers is the perceived side effects reported by the users.

-Users of poppers feel aggrieved by the banning of the product

-Even in countries where poppers are banned, poppers are still available anyway, and users have discreet ways of obtaining them