NEET 2020 Syllabus: Everything You Must Know to Clear These Exams

neet 2020 syllabus

As an aspirant, the first query you may have is regarding the NEET 2020 syllabus. Having an early understanding of the syllabus will help you to prepare for the exams. Moreover, you can compare the syllabus for the upcoming NEET exam with that of your school boards. Therefore, if you find that there are chapters common in both, preparing for both exams becomes easier. Instead, you get time to focus extra on chapters that are remaining.

In the upcoming section, we will discuss NEET 2020 syllabus and some preparation tips. Besides, if you want a more in-depth insight into these aspects, especially the syllabus, please visit the nta neet 2020 syllabus official website. Moreover, if you aspire to sit for the entrance next year, the information will help you start preparing soon. Besides, you will also get an idea regarding the pattern of the neet syllabus 2021.

NEET 2020 syllabus: What are the focus subjects?

Here is a list of main subjects that you must consider as a priority when you are a NEET aspirant.

  • Physics- Nuclear Physics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Optics.
  • Biology- Plants & Animals Physiology, Genetics, Fundamentals of Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Reproduction, Environment & Ecology, and Morphology.
  • Chemistry- Chemical Bonding, Mole Concept, Coordination Chemistry, Organic & General Chemistry, and Periodic Table.

The proper study material for NEET 2020 syllabus

While you will surely get a lot of information regarding study material on the nta neet 2020 syllabus official website, we must make things easier for you. Good study material is one of the essential preparation factors irrespective of whatever exam you want clear. Similarly, finding the most excellent study materials, such as the one from NCERT, is significant. If you want to know more about the exam techniques, you can check out NEET toppers interviews from the previous years. Moreover, You can check out books that toppers suggest. The following are some of the best references for the NEET syllabus.


  • I.E. Irodov’s Problems in General Physics
  • Vol. II & Vol. II of the Feynman Physics classes
  • Halliday, Walker, and Resnick’s Physics basic lessons
  • H.C. Verma’s, Physics Volume II and II
  • Feynman’s Physics lessons from Volume I (Radiation heat and packaging.


  • R. C. Mukherjee’s Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations
  • Boyd and J.D. Leeorrison’s Concise Inorganic Chemistry
  • Peter Sykes’ Organic Chemistry
  • OP Tandon’s Physical Chemistry for Medical Entrance
  • M. S. Chauhan’s Organic Chemistry


  • Objective NCERT (especially for NEET)
  • Elementary Biology Volume by Trueman (Volume I and II)
  • Botany by AC Dutta
  • T.L. Rayar books
  • NCERT 11th and 12th standard textbooks.

As you already know, NEET exams are very extended. The main focus will be on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Moreover, the question paper will consist of over 180 MCQs and will run. If you tick the correct answer, you will get a reward. However, if your answer is wrong, there will be minus marking too.

When we are considering new medical aspirants in the country, we feel free. Moreover, passing the NEET-UG exams means you are already moving to a more advanced level. Besides, it is undoubtedly one of the toughest of all other competitive exams. In India, NEET is the only entrance exam for medical aspirants. Therefore, the number of candidates appearing in this exam every year is massive too. It would be best if you had equal levels of hard work and proper techniques that will help. Although the NEET 2020 syllabus looks very difficult, adequate preparation can make you pass it with flying colors.

Clearing NEET exams successfully.

NEET is the most popular medical entrance examinations for all students aspiring to become doctors one day. Besides, several departments of medicines you want to unique in, and NEET conducts exam for everyone. The NEET exams look quite overwhelming to a lot of people. However, if you can concentrate on just a few months at a stretch, then there is no way in which you will not clear the exams.

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In this section, we will discuss how to overcome the stress of the NEET 2020 syllabus. Moreover, here are a few tips that will help you to get through the entrance exams successfully. You must know one thing in this context. It is an excellent idea to let someone guide you for the exams. However, in the end, you are the person who will have to put in all the effort to clear the exams.

Is coaching important for your preparation?

According to the usual statistics, most students prefer to enroll themselves for NEET coaching. The coaching centers can boost up the students to make them feel better and more confident. However, some students prefer preparing all by themselves. Out of these, some students enroll themselves for mock tests in coaching centers only. For the latter category, studying at their own pace is more comfortable. Now, before deciding whether or not to join coaching classes, you must know about different techniques and methods of studying. Therefore, do proper research before jumping to a conclusion.

Coaching centers: online or traditional?

Choosing whether to go for online coaching or a traditional one is the most severe confusion for NEET aspirants. Considering the present COVID-19 situation, online coaching looks like the best idea. However, otherwise, both types of coaching impart equal benefits. In the current times of pandemic worldwide, the best option is to enroll in online classes and prepare in the comfort of your homes. While you are choosing the best online courses, make sure you check out their lessons’ pattern.

On the one hand, excellent online coaching enables students to go about at their speed. On the other hand, you can also derive personal lessons from the teachers who guide you on the other side of the computer. Besides, choosing online classes can help you in different ways too. It means that you are not just saving time, but a lot of money also. For example, you don’t have to spend money on housing, commute, food, etc.

Faculty research: Learn from the best

Before you decide to enroll in any online or traditional class, you have to do much research. Out of everything, you must do faculty research. It means that you must know something about the teachers and their teaching pattern. Every student has a different level of understanding, and so lessons matter a lot. Therefore, you must know about the content of online classes or courses and whether they are easy to understand and follow. Before enrolling yourself, finally, check out some of the teaching videos earlier. It will give you a good knowledge of what you may expect. Moreover, you must ensure that the teacher you are choosing has enough experience regarding what he/she will teach you.

Discipline is highly essential.

Your teachers and mentors are only capable of pushing and motivating you to a particular extent. Therefore, the final call is always yours. For example, after you get back from school, whether or not to revise them will depend on you. Besides, discipline is another critical factor if you want to succeed in any field, if not being a medical student. Moreover, revision and study should go on every day. One essential tip that will lead you to success is never to depend on anybody entirely. Instead, you must have self-discipline. Plus, there must be a passion for finding out questions all by yourself.

Losing hope is not a solution.

Irrespective of how difficult a situation is, you must learn to overcome that and move on in life. It is expected that you may feel frustration or lack of motivation during the preparation process. Take a short break whenever you feel the stress, and spend some time doing other things. You can also speak to friends or family members and feel good.

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Online coaching to overcome NEET 2020 syllabus

There are several ways in which NEET online coaching is the best way of preparing for the exams. Significantly, going from home to your coaching class also exposes you to the increasing coronavirus. This section lets us know a bit more about the NEET coaching classes if you enroll online. You will find a list of the benefits of online NEET coaching.


The first and foremost benefit of learning from teachers online is that you can do that in your homes’ comfort. Moreover, learning online means saving time you would have otherwise taken to travel from home to the center and vice versa. Besides, as mentioned earlier, different students may have different learning speeds. So, learning online means no one is there for distraction at all.

Lower cost

Traditional coaching centers have more expensive courses than those that you can learn from online classes. Well, the tuition fees in the institutes include lodging and boarding fees as well. Plus, there are travel and food expenses too. On the other hand, opting for online lessons means saving a considerable amount of time and money.

Resource quality

If you opt for one of the best online coaching sites, rest assured about the resource quality. These websites also have an in-house team of teachers and SME (Subject Matter Experts). They know exactly what to include in your lesson plan and do it accordingly. Therefore, these materials and notes will help you in several ways when you are preparing for the final exams in the last few days.

Personalized learning

When you go for the best online teachers, they will focus on students’ personalized learning experiences. All of the lessons and content are compiled to keep in mind the student’s understanding ability. Moreover, the teachers will make sure that none of the students will miss out on any essential lessons taught in class. One of the advantages of learning online is that there is no problem even if you miss out on a LIVE lesson. You can go through the recorded version later. Once the faculty notices that you can understand better, they will start increasing the difficulty level. However, not every student needs to clime the level of advancement at the same pace.

Quality mentors

If you aspire to sit next year, you have enough time to catch up with the neet syllabus 2021. Moreover, you also have enough time to find out the best mentors online, so choose only the best. Well, making the right choice regarding NEET mentors means you are at an advantage here. They focus not only on teaching conventionally but also on problem-solving. Therefore, you can reach out to them with all your doubts and queries. A good mentor will solve your problems during the class, and sometimes even after it ends. Now, this is where you understand that doing thorough research to choose a mentor comes useful.

Test series

The majority of the online tutors and centers make the students attend several sessions of mock tests. It is an excellent way to let students understand the pressure of exams and go through a self-assessment. Mock tests help a student to understand his level of preparation for the NEET exams. Moreover, you will be able to catch up with the pattern of questions you can expect on the final day. Several students don’t prefer to enroll in coaching. However, most of them mainly apply for mock test sessions, and the best mode is online.

You will get a soft copy of the question paper and may have to resolve it on an online platform itself. The marking will also be instant, unlike in traditional coaching centers. You will have to travel to the center and physically be present to give the exam in the latter. After submitting the answer sheets, it may take the teachers up to a week to mark so many papers. Therefore, it is a more time-consuming process.

Final thoughts

NEET is a critical exam- one of the toughest in the country. Therefore, the preparation should include a lot of understanding and discipline. The above information about NEET exams will help students decide how to go about during their preparation.