Signs That You Are Just a Hookup

You Are Just a Hookup

Even if you have been seeing someone once in a while, it is not good to conclude that there is anything serious unless you are completely sure. It is imperative to know whether you are just a hookup or not especially if you are interested in a serious relationship. After detailed research, here are some of the major signs that you are just a hookup and nothing more. Read on to learn more.

You Go Your Separate Ways the Next Morning

It is the norm for people hooking up to go their separate ways the next morning. Usually, this relationship is all about mutual benefits rather than companionship. When your partner is not for the idea of you staying longer in the morning, this is a red flag that you are just a hookup. After this, you can take your time to assess other signs to understand whether this is true or not.

He Gives You Money in the Morning

Hookup relationships are mainly for mutual benefits as mentioned earlier. If money is given for the services received, then you are just a hookup and nothing more. The best thing to do to be sure is to decline the money. If he insists, then you should know that he is paying for the time you have spent together since he sees you as a hooker.

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The Mention of Another Partner

People who continue to mention other partners like a husband, wife or fiancée imply that you are there for benefits. According to reliable sources, many people using online dating sites are just looking to hook up because they have other partners elsewhere. However, there are those that are looking for relationships, and you can click here for more details about gay dating. Be cautious when getting into a relationship because your partner might be dating someone else.

No Calling or Texting at Certain Times

Hookup relationships often limit communication. People are busy spending time with their families, partners or work, and they will only contact you later in the day or night for a hookup. When you discover this about a relationship, just understand that you are not the only or even the main person in your partner’s love life. To verify this further, you can call or text during the day to see if there is a response.

You Never Go to His House

If the person is avoiding taking you home, the main reason might be that she or he is seeing someone else. People in the hookup stages spend most of their time getting together in hotels. First, they start at the bar and rarely have dinner after drinks. Afterward, they head for the hotel room. Later on, they could go separate ways or spend the night together until morning.


If your partner is rude in person, it could mean that he or she has no respect for you because you are just a hookup. This and the other signs will give you the answers that you need. Eventually, you will have the facts to make the right decisions.