Landing Page Ideas for Better Leads and Sales


Nowadays, creating a landing page is the trend to attract more leads and generate conversions faster. Compared to the usual main page, loaded with information, the landing page focuses on a critical message and a call to action button that solicits an immediate response from the user. 

The landing page is usually a lead generation strategy. Still, it can also serve as a teaser for the user to start shopping on your site and eventually purchase a product. So having a landing page for your eCommerce site is the next big thing to do to pump more leads and sales for your business. 

Here are some landing page ideas so you can have more leads and sales this 2022.

1.Add animation to catch the attention of users

Animations are a great way to capture the users’ interest and draw their attention to a waving hand or a smiling character. With a compelling copy and an engaging animation, you can persuade users to sign up, watch a video, see featured items, or purchase the discounted product, according to Digital Authority Partners

Online applications can produce animations, which require drag and drop actions on your part. You can do it in minutes and feature it on your website as your landing page. 

You can also ask your website designer to do it for you so the design is consistent with your branding. 

Animations can have audio effects that make them even more exciting and fun. If your company is into children’s books and toys, this is a sure way to win your target audience. 

Companies that offer pet grooming services or render preschool education services can also benefit from animation to build more clients and partners. In addition, when you use animation and the right blend of web design elements in your eCommerce account, your landing page can generate more leads and sales for you. 

2.Use videos to tell a compelling story

A one or two-minute high-quality video with an engaging story is an effective way to send your message across and solicit feedback through a call to action button. This method is best for businesses in insurance and investments. 

A life-changing story through the availability of your service is a sure way to convince your target market. More so, schools can take advantage of videos to show how their approach to education can bring out the best in students. 

Usually, businesses that offer services benefit from videos because this is their chance to show how they can help people receive assistance for daily activities. For example, a nonprofit organization with social causes can take advantage of videos to invite more partners and members.

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Producing a video may cost a bit, but it can be your best tool in garnering more leads and converting more sales if appropriately promoted and optimized. 

3.Use a powerful headline to deliver a key message

Headlines can make a difference in converting prospects into customers.A headline on the landing page should focus on the critical message and benefit users can get through the product or service.Additionally, headlines are usually a one-sentence punchline that highlights the unique selling proposition of your product or service. 

It contains a persuasive tone that invites people to take a deeper look into your brand and try it. A headline is all you got for that landing page, so better think about it carefully before publishing it. You can hire a copywriter to write one for you and discuss how the content can meet the overall objectives of your landing page campaign. 

A headline is different from the main page content. A headline focuses on a single intention: to entice the user to appreciate the product or service and then make an action such as purchasing the product, knowing more about the brand, subscribing to regular updates, or signing up for membership. 

On the other hand, a website’s main page content gives an overview of the company, the brand, and the product line or service. The content is usually written in long form and contains various links leading to other website pages. The headline’s primary link is the call to action button, which fulfills the company’s recent focus. 

A compelling written headline can have lots of clicks, conversions, and opportunities for business partnerships. 

4.Tell the unique selling proposition (USP) through the description

The USP is one of the essential characteristics of your product or service. It defines your brand’s feasibility in the market. USP is what sets your brand apart from your competitors. 

It would be best to use this well by writing the description that contains the USP information. Start with thinking about a unique element in your product or service. Then research the market to see if other brands have the same characteristic. 

Work on improving the quality of your product or service through research and development. For example, improve quality by researching new technology and work with a new feature that can be the selling edge of your product or service.

Invest in research and development because this will bring out a range of USP for your brand year after year and as competition becomes tough in your line of business. 

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A USP can also be in the form of dedicated after-sales service, lifetime warranty, personalization or customization, or a superb customer experience in your eCommerce shop. Sometimes it does not cost too much. An exclusive officer working for a new account can be enough to persuade a client to choose your company over the others. 

Just focus on what you can offer best to your target market and highlight this through practical description or copy on your landing page. You can also conduct A/B testing for your copy or description to see which one works best for your brand.

5.Show credibility proof such as awards and reviews

One of the techniques that can persuade the user to click the “Buy Now” or “Sign Up” button is showing your affiliation to recognized associations, membership in professional institutions, or awards from reputable award-giving organizations. 

Also, positive reviews and high ratings can improve your brand image. For example, if popular newspapers and magazines have cited your company, these can also boost your credit standing and convince your prospects to trust your brand. 

Credibility proof works well with personal hygiene products, food and beverage, children’s products, and safety gear. The more sensitive your target market is, the more credibility proof you need to show to convince people that your product or service is safe and effective.

Suppose your product is in the luxury line. In that case, you can show an authenticity seal, certificate of authenticity, or QR code so clients can check the official registration of your item to the central store. These can help assure your clients that your eCommerce shop is legitimate and you guarantee that the products as original. 

To make the customers feel secure, you can add layers of safety when the big amount is being transacted via your eCommerce payment page. Also, personalize the delivery or shipping of the item to make the customers feel valued and unique. 

Giving these extra services can make a difference in establishing your professional service and credibility as a legitimate online store. 

Final Words

A landing page will help your business get immediate inquiries through a fast-flash page on your users’ screen once they click your website URL.  

A landing page is a hot strategy nowadays because of its ability to drive more leads for your business and its faster conversion ability than the average main site page. 

The landing page exposes people to the primary characteristic of your brand, and if it hits what they are looking for in a product or service, they can easily click the “Buy Now” button. To stay in the challenging market competition today, you must add a landing page to your website and make it consistent across your other digital marketing campaigns. 

Create one today and see how it makes all the difference for your brand awareness campaign, lead generation, or sales quota cram for the end of the month.