Best Animated Video Editor for PC: The Complete List 2022

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In recent years, animated video has undoubtedly become a powerful marketing tool. They are more engaging than plain, static images. In fact, they generate the highest number of shares on various social media platforms compared to other forms of content.

To establish a successful business for yourself, you need to put more video content out there. Else, your brand will not be able to mark its presence in the highly competitive market. However, putting out video content has not always been an easy task. 

Remember when creating animations or editing an animated video costs a lot? When could only skilled animators create a 30-second short animated video? Thankfully, technology has rapidly changed for the better. Thanks to many animated cartoon maker tools available, what used to be a challenging process is now a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Do you want to know about the best cartoon video makers? Well, scroll down below to check the functions and features of popular animated cartoon maker tools.

5 Best animation video editors for 2022

Is it difficult for you to choose the right cartoon video maker that best suits your requirements? Well, we have compiled a list of the best presentation softwares for you to assist your decision-making process. 

Cartoon video maker # 1: Doratoon 

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Doratoon is the best-animated cartoon maker for creating innovative animated videos. If you want to create videos for marketing or promotion reasons, this cartoon video maker will help you showcase your products or services in the best possible way. 

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This platform provides easy access to all animation features and makes it easy for beginners to create innovative animations for their businesses. Moreover, Doratoon offers a wide range of templates where you can find a video that suits your requirements and edit it accordingly. 


  • Friendly and intuitive animation video editor
  • Thousands of animated templates are available in various categories.
  • Several customizable pre-animated clips are available on the platform.
  • Music or voice-over can be added to your animated video.
  • This platform allows you to convert your text into speech via dubbed voice.
  • PPT presentations can be easily converted into an animated videos using Doratoon.

Cartoon video maker # 2: SOOMUS

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SOOMUS – the best presentation software makes it easy to create the best presentation video for schools or businesses. Now the best presentation software is also helping people make creative and innovative animated videos for their business purposes. 

However, SOOMUS does not directly offer animation-making functions and features. Instead, it directs you to the Doratoon website. Therefore, with this platform, you cannot only create outstanding presentation videos but also create the best animations for marketing campaigns for your business.


  • A wide range of templates is available on the free version of the software.
  • Four presentation modes are available – big overlay mode, presenter-only mode, small overlay mode, and content-only mode.
  • This platform allows the presenter to point out the elements on screen using a pointer feature to make their point more understandable and vivid.
  • Background can be changed during the presentation video to prevent unpresentable walls from being captured.
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Cartoon video maker # 3: Blender

Blender is a popular animated video editor that allows you to have total control over your animations. The tool offers advanced programming features for creating and modeling 3D animations. 

Whether you want to use it on Linux, Macbook, or Windows, this animated video editor is suitable for all types of operating systems. However, this tool is difficult to use, especially for beginners, as it focuses a lot on 3D.


  • Powerful modeling and sculpting tools.
  • This platform allows you to draw and edit animations in 3D mode.
  • Advanced animation and simulation tools are available.

Cartoon video maker # 4: VistaCreate 

This popular cartoon video maker features an extensive library of animated templates and hundreds of pre-animated clips. Using this software, you can create innovative animated ads, square videos, and much more without requiring any design skills. 

Furthermore, you can also combine videos and animated GIFs with your images, such as moving background, to create eye-catching video posts for social media.


  • Thousands of animated templates are available to create customized animated videos.
  • This platform allows you to use your own fonts, graphics, and animations.
  • The finished animated video can be downloaded in an MP4 video format.
  • Animated video can be shared directly to different social media platforms. 

Cartoon video maker # 5:  PixTeller

PixTeller’s cartoon video maker is great for both business and personal use. It is a great alternative for a video editing tool loaded with features if you want something more basic and simple.


  • A wide range of pre-animated templates is available. 
  • More than thousands of shapes are available to add to your animated videos.
  • This platform provides many unique effects to make your animations pop.
  • The finished animated video can be downloaded in MP4 video format.