7 Instagram Hacks to Boost Your Search Rankings

instagram hacks

When your brand or business has a prominent online presence, you expect massive web traffic. Social media plays a vital role to ensure an online presence for most businesses. While it is okay to depend on organic growth, the process can be slow to your business growth. It is a backbreaking method because it requires years of hard work, consistency, and exciting content.

Using a combination of organic search and Instagram will lead to more traffic to your website. You will need to implement various tactics using your Instagram accounts. These strategies, if used, will drive customers to your website through your IG account. Here is what you can do to increase your search rankings, thanks to Instagram.

1. Powerful Hashtags

Using hashtags strategically will increase the chances of people discovering you. People use them to search for content. In short, they ensure the visibility of your posts. You should embrace their use. Hashtags need to be relevant and relatable to your niche. It has to be something that is likely researched but connected to your brand.

Brands may also come up with their hashtags. You can then ask your audience to use them in their posts. Don’t get shocked if it trends and prompts people to search on what the big fuss is about. Using other trending hashtags is another strategy that you can use.

2. Relatable/Lifestyle Brand

People love interacting and sharing on Instagram. They respond to posts that they can relate to. As a brand, it should be a priority to connect with your audience. Studies show that there is more engagement when brands post lifestyle shots. This strategy tells others that your posts are genuine and not generic. They should arouse feelings that would endear the brand to them. Thus, use real-life scenarios to improve brand awareness.

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Remember, this platform should create awareness, in that it evokes your audience to run to Google and research the brand.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencers can help you reach a broader and new audience. You cannot ignore their significant boost to SEO. Their large following holds so much potential. You can reach out to several of them in your niche and ask them to promote your brand. They can exchange their services for money or merchandise. Influencer marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies.

4. Run Contests and Promotions

Everyone loves a healthy competition and gifts. You will get shocked at how much people can do to get free merchandise. Running contests, promotions, and giveaways is an attractive bait. Such posts encourage extensive sharing and tagging.

You could run contests that encourage your followers to share your content or use your hashtags. You can then pick winners systematically or randomly. The exposure to newer, wider audiences is a plus to the brand. The more people know about you, the higher the chances of accessing your web page.

5. Partnerships with Other Brands

Partnerships are one of the most valued relationships on Instagram marketing. Working with brands that share your niche may turn out to be a defining moment for your brand. Identify brands that are most likely to share your goals. You can use the partnership to run campaigns.

Campaigns are crowd pullers, no doubt about that. First, their audience will want to know who these brands are working together with. They may wish to use or access the products or services from the company. This approach invokes the need to research. When different brands work together, it tends to attract a lot of attention. Partnerships should not be underrated; instead they should be encouraged.

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6. Use Automation Tools

Since it has become such a big deal to have large followings on IG, people are reaching out to alternative ways to grow their audience. Automation tools allow you to use an app to like photos and follow people with just a few clicks. Some even comment on posts on your behalf. The actions are targeted based on specific users or hashtags.

These tools help increase engagement on your behalf. Ultimately, this boosts your following. Apps such as Crowdfire, Snapseed, and VSCO are such tools that can help with interaction.

7. Be a Trendsetter

Most people turn to IG to learn about new trends. Everyone wants to be the first to be in the loop. Posting trending content and topics will attract an audience that is ready to learn. You will need to be on up to date with trending ideas and put in place in your content. People are most likely to follow creative accounts and trendsetters. Most brands with the massive following have trendsetting as their most significant capitalization.


When used right, Instagram can improve your brand’s visibility and acknowledgment. When these people know about your brand, it prompts them to research about your brand. Before you know it, you get them hooked as new customers. Implementing these techniques will build an impetus toward your brand. Attention to your brand equals frequent searches.