Cell Phone Booster As a Way to Improve Your Digital Engagement

Cellular communication is convenient for everyone: mobile and wearable devices, the ability to access the Internet from almost anywhere, and clear sound when talking. Communication can be carried out with a subscriber who is even on the other side of the earth, as long as he has a connected SIM card and a phone. And the subscriber, within the reach of any cellular communication, regardless of the original operator, has access to communication services

The only drawback is the periodic loss of connection and a decrease in Internet speed. And this can happen at home, at work, in public transport, or in nature. If you are wondering how to find the nearest cell tower and improve the quality of communication, then this article is for you.

Causes of a Weak Signal On The Phone

The main problem of GSM communications is the relative dependence on the line of sight of an access point, called a cell. If there are foreign structures containing metal between the receiver and the central node, the distance is large, or the point itself is out of sight, the signal weakens until it disappears completely.

The quality of the conversation is not degraded due to the transmission method. The maximum that can happen is pausing in the broadcast of sound at the extreme sensitivity of the receiver and transmitter.

For a long time, analog signals have not been used for communication. In a mobile telephone or intermediary device, the voice is converted into digital signals, which are sent over the air. The receiver decodes them and reproduces the normal sound. Since this principle provides better protection against interference, a clear sound is always heard in the device without an admixture of extraneous noise.

If the quality of the connection is poor, packets containing data are lost, which causes them to be retransmitted. At these moments, with too high a frequency of losses, there are pauses in the conversation. Or, in extreme cases, there is a complete break in contact with the central connecting point.

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In other words, the problems do not depend on the distance of subscribers from each other. They are only affected by the location of one of them, or both, relative to their cells. Between themselves, the central nodes are connected on the basis of other physical principles, and losses in mutual communications almost never occur. Cells are connected to a common network through optical cables, wired lines, or satellites.

To solve the problem of distances, between the subscriber of the communication station and the station, repeaters and an antenna amplifying signal are used.

How Does a Cell Phone Booster Work?

The main action of any cellular amplifier is to increase the zone of reliable reception of the radio signal at a great distance from the transmitting point. To do this, you need to search for the nearest cell tower, install and configure equipment

In addition, they have another advantage. With a sufficiently good level of communication, the subscriber unit itself uses less energy to power its own transmitter, which means it creates less interference with surrounding electrical appliances and works longer. And for the purposes of human health, powerful radiation cannot be useful in any way.

Varieties of Mobile Communication Amplifiers

Amplifiers are passive and active. The former are antennas of various configurations, the latter are repeater devices:

1.Passive antennas

According to the physical principles of radio wave propagation, the external configuration and size of the antenna have a direct impact on the quality of signal reception. For each of the frequencies, these parameters are individual. Actually, therefore, it is necessary to select the receiving device itself for specific conditions. For cellular networks, a radio channel is used at 800, 900, 1800, 2100, and 2600 MHz. But not every operator uses the entire radio range. And the higher the frequency value, the shorter the distance the signal is able to cover without loss in the environment.

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Passive antennas are usually used together with repeaters, since for a long time many phones have not been able to connect to an external receiving device. But if there is such a function, then a similar method of improving the range will be the most profitable, in comparison with the rest.

2.Cellular repeaters

Repeaters are available as separate units that support multiple antennas. One of them is external, for communication with the cell, the rest are aimed at direct communication with subscriber mobile phones or modems. A rarity is cellular repeaters equipped with only one antenna. The range of their work is much lower than that of similar ones equipped with a large number of emitters.

Unlike passive amplification systems, the repeater has a separate power supply and a rather complex circuit. Often the principle of its operation is not the usual analog signal amplification, but also internal processing. So, the repeater receives data from the station, filters out the damaged packets from them, and repeats the already normal ones to the output. He himself works as a kind of active node of the cell.

The main characteristic of a repeater, unlike antennas, is not only the reception sensitivity coefficient but also the maximum transmission power. The higher the values, the greater the distance between the station, the repeater, and the subscriber device will operate.

Repeaters are usually not limited to only one smartphone, modem, or mobile phone. Their purpose is to be a repeater for many devices.

How to Сhoose a Repeater?

The main thing you should pay attention to when buying a repeater is its operating frequencies, the number of antenna and client modules, and the power of the receiver and transmitter. Another factor is the presence of an external socket for connecting a device that captures radio waves.

Final Thoughts

A repeater is a modern tool for improving communication in areas of weak mobile signal. If you do not know how to find the nearest cell tower and improve your mobile signal, we recommend that you contact Uctel professionals for help. It is a mobile signal booster service provider for various operators in institutions such as schools, universities, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.