You still don’t know that Instagram has this feature?

Have your friends have played Instagram Stories? But how many developers know about Stories Ads from Instagram? Today we will come to you for science..

1. What is Instagram story advertising?

The Ins story ad was officially released in March this year. This feature provides targeting options and performance measurement methods for the entire campaign. This platform has 250 million daily users, and advertisers can manage ads through the Marketing API, Power Editor and Ads Manager. An article in the Ins official blog is explained in an article (interested interested parties can check:

Second, how to create an app install ad?

You can of course create Ins story ads on Facebook. There are related small tutorials on Facebook’s Business page. The positioning and measurement tools are similar to the feeds on Facebook and Ins. A full-screen or vertical screen tells the story of the product; filters, text overlays, and other hand-drawn effects can bring you the effect you want. These will be shown between the story and the story and will disappear after 24 hours.

Advertising specifications

Ad rules should be followed when advertising. By the same token, today we will also show you some basic requirements for Ins story advertising. Currently, subtitles are not yet available. You can embed text in a video file.

  • Ad format is full screen vertical screen ad (9:16)
  • Recommended resolution: 1080 x 1920
  • Minimum resolution: 600 x 1067
  • File format: .mp4 or .mov (video) or .jpg or .png (image)
  • Recommended video decoder: h.264, VP8
  • Recommended audio decoder: AAC, Vorbis
  • Maximum file size: 4 GB (video) or 30 MB (image)
  • Video length: up to 15 seconds
  • Image content: 3 seconds visible
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Add Installation Action Call (CTA)

In the guide, the call to action is just an option, but you have to add it. What is written on this button depends mainly on the purpose of the advertisement. If you want to get more installations, Ins recommends using “Install App” or “Install Now”. If you want to convert, we recommend using “Install App”, “Install Now” or “Use App”.

Choose full screen big picture

If you don’t have a video, you can also choose an image: Show for a few seconds, the user can close at any time. Choose a cool picture and add a short paragraph of text to enhance the effect. Note that “a short paragraph” is a reminder that you should never add the entire application description to your ad.

Third, the advantages of using Instagram story advertising

If you still don’t understand why you want to use Ins story ads, here are the answers for you.

Direct response advantage

Adding a CTA button allows the viewer to respond directly to your ad. If your ads attract their attention, they click on the ad and then you can observe the user’s behavior. When users see a “Sponsored” tag on your content, they will be surprised: such a fun content is actually an ad! ! !

Direct target user

If you want your ad to be successful, you need to keep in mind the most important aspect of the entire campaign: What are the characteristics of the people who will download your app? The portrait of the potential user is the most important. These options are available on the advertising platforms of Facebook and Ins. Of course, this is also true for Ins story ads.You can also choose Upleap to grow your Instagram account with real targeted followers

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Use video ads

If you missed the previous article, today we want to emphasize the efficiency of video ads again: video ads are one of the best forms of advertising at the moment. The vertical screen story ads provided by Ins provide users with a seamless experience between stories.

Easy to attract attention

If the promotion content is immersive, then interaction with the user is easier. But remember, ads are displayed at the right time, such as between stories or when users are anxious to discover something new.

Airbnb’s cool experience

Airbnb is one of 30 companies to test this feature, sharing the wonderful adventures of Airbnb with a 15-second video. Eric Toda, the company’s global head of social marketing and content, said it was a successful attempt. So they will continue to work with Ins to continue to attract more users with good stories.

Not only to do advertising, but also to tell stories

You may already understand a bit now that Ins sells more than just advertising, it’s a story. If your story is not exciting enough, how can users remember your brand? How do you recall your product the next time you need to use it?

Sensational brand awareness

Airbnb is one of the first apps to try this format ad. What if the users of Ins don’t know your brand? Don’t worry, as long as the advertising content is good, this is not a problem. As long as you capture the user’s attention through visual elements, users will be willing to explore everything about your brand.

Fourth, the conclusion

These are the most important elements of Ins story advertising. This feature is promising, allowing your app to meet your needs with compelling images and videos. They are all waiting to see the next interesting story on their favorite social channel!