How to Track Your Health Using Your Phone

Track Your Health Using Your Phone

Health is Wealth! We have all heard this phrase from our childhood, and with the advancements in technology, taking care of your health has become easier and super fun at the same time. Let’s find out how!

Health Monitoring Apps and their Uses

Given the rise in use of technology for every aspect of our lives, it is essential to make good use of health apps to avoid any health problem which may have happened otherwise. You often find yourself wondering is there a blood pressure app? Previously, it was difficult to keep a check on your weight, BMI, calories, heartbeat etc., but now there are various health apps which let you look for these in minutes and the best part is that most of these apps are free.

Are Health Monitoring Apps Safe

While these apps provide numerous benefits to their users, their installation may come with a price in many cases. There are many apps which track your location and then further misuse your data. Your personal information may also be leaked through the use of these applications. According to a recent research, the data gathered showed that 8 out of 10 health apps on your app store violates your data privacy in one way or the other. However, there are certain ways in which you can benefit from the health app without compromising on your privacy:

  • Use a VPN: VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of the best ways to secure not only your personal data and location, but also access any data available online regardless of your location. What VPN basically does is that it hides your location and your identity by transmitting your data through an encryption tunnel and then on to your server. There are many options out there from which you can look at this now according to your needs. Our most recommended one is VeePN, which not only offers free trial period but is user friendly and provides fast service as well. It comes in the top servers of the VPN and ensures that your personal data is not breached or miss-authorized in any manner.
  • Choose your app wisely: There are many health apps available online, many with the main purpose to track and share your data with advertising agencies. What you can do is to reviews of these apps and then use the one with the best reviews to avoid any mishaps.
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Which is the best Health Monitoring App?

There are many health monitoring apps available online providing different features so it’s difficult to choose a single app as the best one. Let’s look at our most recommended health apps and you can select the one which aligns with your interests.

  • Calorie Count: Tracking your calories is the best way to achieve your fitness goals. There are many calorie count apps available online which have calories along with how many fats, proteins and other nutrients are there in the food you are eating.
  • Pulse Count: Your pulse count can be easily tracked and calculated using the application online. These apps gather the data and you can check at the end of the day or week to find out if your pulse rate is in normal range or not, and at what point does it rise or fall.
  • Care Health Monitor: This is an app which is mainly used for tracking your heart rate along with your blood pressure to check how healthy your heart is. Like all other apps it also maintains a data which can be checked to find out whether your Blood Pressure is in normal range or not. A high blood pressure or a low blood pressure can be an indication of many severe diseases which if not treated at the right moment, can be fatal. Thus, this app is very helpful in detecting any heart problem to seek immediate treatment whenever necessary.
  • Steps Count: Counting your steps daily is not easy with just a simple app that is general installed in your devices by default. It helps you in keeping track of your steps the whole day so that you can find out if and when you were able to achieve your step goal. Also, these apps also tell the calories you lose with each step you take which is an added feature.
  • Pulse Point: A very beneficial app for heart patients as it provides immediate assistance in case of a heart attack. It notifies the people knowing CPR in your surrounding in case you are suffering from a heart attack and also notices 911 for immediate assistance. It is extremely helpful and should be installed in all phones.
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Final Thoughts

Tracking your health has become super easy with the applications available online. Our article provides different applications which can be used to check your health and keep a track of your lifestyle, your diet, exercise, blood pressure, pulse rate etc. These apps also lets you reach your fitness goals. However, some of these apps may not be safe to use and may track and breach your data privacy. This can be easily avoided with the use of a VPN to avoid any miss-use of your data.