Job Scheduler: 3 Signs It’s Time for a New Job Scheduling Program

Job Scheduling Program

You smack your head in frustration. There was another no-show yesterday, and your business missed a few client calls. You now have to reschedule delivery times. This all could’ve been avoided if you had a proper job scheduler set in place. This may seem like a small thing until you consider the lost time, lost production, and lost money that results from a disorganized business. 

Hopefully, this doesn’t sound like your business. But if it does, it might be time for a new job scheduling system to get things back on track. Read on to find out why it’s time for your business to make some changes.

Why You Need a New Job Scheduler 

Technology can make life a whole lot easier if you let it. Effective job scheduling programs organize your employees, set schedules, and allow for flexibility. 

The last point is key. If you’ve been using the same software for a while, this is a big no-no. Your business has likely gone through changes, so you need software that can adapt to those changes. 

Still not buying it? Consider these tip-offs that tell you you need to upgrade your scheduling methods. 

  1. Disgruntled Employees

Happy employees make for a happy business. So if your employees are making noise, you better pay attention.

A disorganized schedule can lead to unexpected overtime, understaffed hours, and overscheduling. If your scheduling coordinator feels hampered by your technology, you need to switch it up. 

The latest software makes scheduling sweet and simple. It can automate tasks such as coordinating schedules, and your schedule coordinators will love you for it. 

  1. You Feel Behind
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A gap in the schedule ruins everything. One no-show leads to wasted time, lost opportunities, and a lot of catching up to do. This will cost you even more time and money. 

What’s worse, you’ll never have enough time to plan ahead. Effective scheduling means setting schedules in advance. Employees don’t want surprises.

You need job scheduling software that breaks down your work into tasks and tells you how much labor is needed to complete those tasks. Consult reliable job schedulers such as Epicor to give your employees early updates on schedules. 

  1. No Communication

If your work schedule didn’t consider employee input, you should scold yourself. Ask your employees what their preferences and needs are. When do they want breaks? What types of schedules would they like to see? 

Again, employee satisfaction is crucial to your business. But your employees can also help you get creative. There are tons of ways to organize work schedules. You can work around your employees’ needs if you keep an open mind. 

This amount of communication may sound excessive but consider a crew schedule coordinator. If they don’t consider feedback from pilots and crew members, one gaff could have disastrous consequences.

Especially when it comes to job shop scheduling, employee feedback is crucial. You want to get as much done as quickly as possible. But you’re working with people, not machines.

Keep employees in the loop, so you can balance efficiency with the human needs of your workers. You need healthy relationships with your employees before you can get anything done. 

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Make Life Easier

Tired of rubbing your temples every other day because of scheduling confusion? Chances are you aren’t the only who’s frustrated. 

Make life easier for you and your employees by upgrading to a dependable job scheduler. Organization breeds trust. Trust breeds confidence. Show your employees they can depend on you by organizing their work lives effectively. 

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