How to Sell a Watch for What You Paid: A Guide

how to sell a watch

If you love watches, you know that watch lovers are particular about what they put on their wrist. As such, anybody attempting to sell their watches that retain some value will need to have all of their ducks in a row.

While selling watches can sometimes prove difficult, you will be glad that you put the work into it once it is all said and done. After following our advice, you will also be in a much better position to get back what you paid for a luxury watch that you purchased years ago.

Use these tips to learn how to sell a watch without losing money.

Know the Most Valuable and Reputable Watch Brands

The first thing you should do is brush up on the most reputable watchmaking companies.

Trying to figure out how to sell a luxury watch can be particularly frustrating since there are so many high-priced brands out there. The last thing you’d ever want to do is half-step, because this will make it difficult to build credibility with the buyer.

If you can’t establish credibility with the buyer, they’ll always be wary of purchasing a luxury watch online. Too many people have gotten scammed before, so the onus is on you to come correct with the information and understanding your consumer.

Keep Your Watches in a Case and Out of Harm’s Way

The only way that you’re going to retain some value with your old watches is if you always take impeccable care of them. Purchase watch cases and keep your watch inside of them whenever they are not on your wrist.

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This will allow your watch to last for several years and retain its beautiful appearance.

For example, never wear a non-water-resistant watch in or around the pool, or any other areas where damage can occur. The better you take care of your watches, the better the sales price you will receive.

Always Keep Your Certificate of Authenticity and Any Other Paperwork

When selling online, the main thing that people are afraid of is getting ripped off. This is particularly prevalent when you’re selling luxury watches.

People love Swiss watches for their craftsmanship and the sheer amount of engineering that went into them. Sellers who deal knockoffs often give the exterior appearance all of the focus, but a person will know it’s inauthentic by the way that the watch operates.

Hold onto your certificate of authenticity and any original purchase documents so that you can put your buyer’s mind at ease. They’ll be more likely to purchase from you if you’ve taken every step to show them that you’re only dealing quality, authentic merchandise.

Go to the Watch Shop to Have it Checked Out

Take your watch to a reputable horologist to have them check it out. During this visit, they can provide some maintenance to the watch and band and help you to change any necessary parts.

Most of all, they can appraise the watch and give you a clear idea of how much you should expect to get from it. This lets you go into the sales process with a price in mind and a better idea about what kind of value you can expect.

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Scope Out the Platforms You’d Like to Sell Your Watch On

Take the time to also figure out where you want to sell your watches. Plenty of people earn a living selling on eBay and Amazon, so you can’t discount these sites.

There are also some shops that cater strictly to watch enthusiasts. These are the areas where you’ll find the hardcore collectors who appreciate the merchandise that you have on display. Once you know where you’d like to sell your watches you’ll be better able to create listings that get results.

Take Some Great Pictures and Videos of Your Watches

No matter where you’re selling your watches, it’s important that you have your listings together. For starters, this means having photos and videos that really make your watch shine.

Get a quality DSLR camera along with a lighting kit so that you are able to take top-notch, magazine-worthy photographs. You should also take some videos for your Youtube channel to show people that the watches you are selling are in impeccable condition.

The more questions that you answer with multimedia the fewer questions people have once it’s time to make a purchase.

Document the Sale

It’s important that you do clean and organized business anytime that you’re selling a watch. This allows you to take recourse in case there are any issues during the process.

Document everything and give your buyer a receipt as well. It’s best to do business on the most reputable and secure platforms so that you also have a customer service professional that can act as a go-between in case there are any disputes or setbacks.

Learn How to Sell a Watch

Trying to figure out how to sell a watch can be confusing if you go about it blindly. It’s for this reason that you should follow the tips above in order to get the money back that you deserve.

Many watch collectors start out buying a few nice pieces. Before long, they have drawers full of watches that they don’t know what to do with. You can use this guide once you’re ready to start circulating some watches on the market and getting a return on your investment.

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