How to Merge Cells in Excel: Keyboard Shortcuts

How to Merge Cells in Excel

So you have been looking to merge cells in Excel? Well, this process of merging cells is opted when you have to put a title in the focus in a spreadsheet that too over a specific area. People opt for merging sheets and tabs to combine all the recorded data. Much more, they opt for merging cells almost daily. And today, we will walk you through training in excel as well as a keyboard shortcut for the same along with Microsoft Excel versions w

How to Merge Cells in Excel? – Is there any Keyboard Shortcut to Merge Cells?

At the point when cells are merged, just the text is preserved, which is in the upper-leftmost box. Let’s discuss in detail about this whole process: In order to Merge a Group of Cells:

  • At first, select or highlight a group of cells.
  • Right-click on the cells that are highlighted and choose Format Cells…
  • Press the Alignment tab, move ahead and place a checkmark in the checkbox, which is labeled merge cells.

In order to merge a group of cells and for centering the title or text, as discussed in the beginning of the article, you may also utilize the button that says, Merge and Center, which is on the Excel toolbar. Once again, this can just preserve the text, which is in the upper-leftmost cell.

1. Select or Highlight a range of cells

Press the button that says, Merge and Center, which is on the Excel toolbar.

Excel 2016:

Merge in Excel 2016
Merge Cells in Excel 2016

Excel 2013

Excel 2013 Merge and Center button

Excel 2011 (Mac)

Excel 2011 Mac Merge and Center button

Excel 2010

Excel 2010 Merge and Center button

Excel 2008 (Mac)

Excel 2008 Merge and Center button

Excel 2007

Excel 2007 Merge and Center button

Excel XP and Excel 2003

Excel XP and 2003 Merge and Center button

How to Merge Cells in Excel (Quick Step-by-Step Guide)?

When we talk about Excel, we have found a lot of ways by which you are able to easily merge cells. And one among these most commonly used ways is the use of the Merge & Center button option, which is in the Home tab.

How to Merge Cells in Excel - Merge and Center Icon

The problem with the use of Merge & Center option is that it may help to merge the cells; however, it doesn’t help with the text within the cells. So let’s take like this: we have this data set that we have shown below:

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How to Merge Cells in Excel - Data Set

In the case, if you are selecting the cell A1 and B1, with the use of the Merge & Center option, it will help in keeping the text i.e. from the leftmost cell (A1 in the case) and then will remove the text from various cells.

Excel is not though found to be totally ruthless, however – it gives you a warning before this occurs. In the case, if you attempt and merge cells that are having text in them, it shows a notice spring up telling you of this (as demonstrated as follows).

merge cells in excel steps

In the case, if you move further and click OK, it will let the two cells merge and will also keep the text in it from the furthest left cell as it were. In the above model, it will be merging A1 and B1 and will only demonstrate the text, John.

Merge Cells in Excel Now

In the case, if you would prefer not losing the text in from cells that are getting merged, make use of the CONCATENATE formula. For example, in the above scenario, enter the accompanying equation in cell C1: =CONCATENATE (A1,” “, B1). Here we are merging the cells A1 and B1 with a space character working as the separator. In the case, if you don’t need any separator, you can essentially forget about it and utilize the formula =CONCATENATE (A1, B1).

Then again, you can utilize some other separator, for example, comma or semi-colon. This consequence of the CONCATENATE capacity is in an alternate cell (in C1). So you might need to duplicate it (as qualities) in the cell which you needed to merge. You can likewise utilize the ampersand sign to merge text. For example, you may likewise use =A1&” “&B1

Why you should not Merge Cells in Excel?

Well, when it comes to view merging cells, Excel isn’t the first choice to opt. And hence, at times when people try utilizing merge options such as merge & center, it doesn’t help them much. In fact, it takes away the opportunity of getting the data set sorted. Moreover, they end up seeing this pop-up window, when they try merging the cells with it. If you have encrypted your excel sheet then there are several steps to do t recover your excel password with various tools that are easily available online.

How to Merge Cells in Excel - Sort Error

What else can you use instead of Merge & Center?

Well, if we look at other choices to merge cells rather than using merge & center, especially if the requirement is to merge cells in a single row which has different columns, the Center Across Selection option is what people can opt for. Let us tell you how this option can be used for best results:

  • Make a selection of the cells that have to be merged.
  • Now, tap Control + 1 to run the format cells dialogue box.
  • Choose Center Across Selection, in the Alignment tab, which you can see in the Horizontal drop-down.
  • Now, click OK
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How to Merge Cells in Excel - Center across selection

The above-mentioned step-by-step method will definitely help in solving the concern regarding the merging of cells. This basically works in such a manner that you are able to choose single cells and it shows no error while sorting the data, and moreover, the data that is entered in the leftmost cell, will get centered.

Is there a Keyboard Shortcut for Merge and Center?

So you have been wondering if Excel comes with a keyboard shortcut for merge & center, to be used as a handy tool, well, it’s not the case. It doesn’t have got this quick-fix option. Moreover, when it comes to merging & center, it’s not that well-known as a tool, but it is still something, which can be used in a few means.

However, when it’s about creating something unusual and to avoid the use of external tools, (which may also require the extra need of using merge & center) it’s suggested to create these keyboard shortcuts yourself.

How to Access Merge & Center with the use of the keyboard?

Although as discussed above, there is no as such direct keyboard shortcut for merge & center, there is a trick move that can help with this concern. This trick will let you access merge & center by using the keyboard. Let’s dive into it without wasting any time.

So the trick here is the use of Excel’s Key Tips and feature. You can use it with the help of the following steps:

Step 1: On your keyboard, press the <Alt> key and you will be able to see letters and numbers, which will come up in a while, on the ribbon. Release the <Alt> key now.

Merge & Center Shortcut 1

Step 2: Now, in order to select the Home tab, hold down the <H> key. You will find that the letters change and on the Home tab, you can now see M, which is right next to Merge & Center.

Merge & Center Shortcut 2

Step 3: Now, tap the <M> key and here you will see Merge & Center menu will open up. This menu will provide you with key tips for every item.

Merge & Center Shortcut 3

Step 4: In the end, tap the <C> key and select Merge & Center to execute it.

Integrating Merge & Center with Quick Access Toolbar

Integrating merge & center with Quick Access Toolbar is a great way to try out and access various commands via the keyboard. Follow this process in order to the same in no time:

  1. At first, right-click on the Ribbon. You will see a shortcut menu and choose the option that says, “Add to Quick Access Toolbar”.

Merge & Center with Quick Access Toolbar

  1. Now, at the screen’s top, you will notice an icon to show up and there you can access the required command in no time using a click.

Also, to access “Merge & Center” command via keyboard, press the <Alt> key. You’ll notice these numbers that are shown in the picture appear. So on noticing number 4 over the Merge & Center icon, release the <Alt> key and just tap  <Alt>+<4> to execute the Merge & Center command using the keyboard.

Merge & Center with Quick Access Toolbar 2

Grow your career in the future with MS excel and never forget above-mentioned tips and tricks ever!