How to Hire a Sales Director Who Fits the Bill

sales director

Are your sales on a plateau? Are they on a slump? Is the sales growth you’re seeing not impressive enough? There are several steps you can take to increase sales. You can, for instance, expand your product line. You can hire more sales representatives. However, did you know one of the most high-impact steps you can take is to hire a sales director? This is a highly experienced sales professional whose task will be to find where the problem lies and shake up things here and there. Wondering how to hire the best sales director? We’ve got you.

Let’s get into it!

Craft a Job Description

A job description is a document that clearly specifies the roles and responsibilities, the work environment, training requirements, and occupational skills of the holder of the job.

Creating a sales director job description is the first step to hiring the right director for your company. Although you can find generic descriptions for this job on the web, and there’s nothing wrong with using them as a guide, it’s essential to assess your company’s needs when creating the document.

Outline the duties and responsibilities fully. This will give anyone who’s interested in applying for the job a clear picture of what they’ll be doing should they land the job.

Flesh out the working hours, the type of employment (full-time or part-time), and even the salary range.

Keep in mind that the more detailed and exhaustive a job description, the more it’s likely to attract the top candidates.

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Create an Employee Profile

An employee profile is a description of your ideal employee – sales director in this case.

Of course, the job description will outline the training and skills the person will need to have, but that’s not all. There are personal qualities you need an employee to have. You can only assess these qualities in an interview.

You want someone who’s not only qualified for the job but also has the qualities and attributes that will make them a good cultural fit for your organization.

Start the Search

Once you’re done creating the job description and the employee profile, it’s time to start the search.

You can use the traditional way, which involves making a job ad and posting it on your website, job boards, and social media. You can also put it on print media.

You can also opt to headhunt. If you’ve got a specific sales director in mind, it’s not illegal to poach them from another company.

Another option is to use a recruitment agency, which is by far the best and fastest way to hire a sales director. Recruiters have potential candidates on file and all they need to do is find one who meets your requirements.

Get a Sales Director Who Will Blow Up Your Sales

It’s one thing to hire a sales director, and it’s another thing to hire a sales director who will blow up your sales. You want the latter. With this guide, there’s nothing to stop you from finding a head of sales who fits the bill.

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