How Popular are Blackjack Apps on Android?

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To some people, the Google Play Store’s primary purpose is to find great mobile games. They aren’t wrong. Games make up 40% of all downloads and nearly 90% of in-app purchases. Blackjack apps rank amongst the most popular apps on the store, at least based on downloads. Here are the most popular blackjack apps for android and why people love them.

Blackjack! Super Lucky Casino

Downloads: 10M+

Superb graphics, incredible mechanics, and an online multiplayer mode elevated Super Lucky Casino’s Blackjack from an unknown app in 2016 to the most popular blackjack app on Google Play Store. It’s a light app that barely consumes space on mobile devices. It’s quick to install, and you can get started even without an account.

To ensure you keep track of your data, however, an account is crucial. You can sign up with your Facebook credentials or provide an email address. The app then takes you through an overview of how to play, how to adjust your stake, among other features.

The best feature on the app, though, is the massive presence of people you can play against at any given time. It also features different levels that you can rise through the more you win. You won’t win real money, but you can earn thousands of free coins to help you beat the dealer and fellow players.

Blackjack 21: Blackjackist

Downloads: 5M+

Blackjack 21 by Kama Games takes things to the next level with its ultra-realistic graphics, seasonal themes, and numerous quests. An animated human dealer plucks cards out of a deck, shuffles, and deals everyone around the table. Were it not for the cheeky emojis everyone keeps sending, you could mistake it for a session at a live blackjack casino.

The app’s ability to immerse you into action is undoubtedly one of the reasons it’s so popular. It’s melodic music plus daily quests add to the excitement of using it. You can track your progress conveniently on your profile page, chat with players, and battle your way up the ranks to become the best blackjack player.

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Unsurprisingly, Blackjackist is one of the best-rated apps on the Google Play Store. It doesn’t let you play real money blackjack like  casinos do. But it’s an excellent app to help you learn how to play the game before you play for real money.

Blackjack 21 by Banana & Co

Downloads 2M+

Since its launch in 2015, Banana & Co’s Blackjack 21 has been one of the most popular blackjack apps on the Google Play Store. For starters, it makes it easy to play 21 with its helpful hints, free chips, and a fair system.

The game’s graphics are HD quality, while the background music is irresistibly soothing. But don’t let the music make you relax. Being a popular blackjack app, lots of people who participate in its online tournaments are extremely good at the game.

Of course, you’ll have to start at level one and play against fellow newbies before you level up to play against experienced players. But if you can defeat most of your opponents on the app, you have a chance to become a “blackjack millionaire.”

Blackjack 21—Online Blackjack Multiplayer Casino

Downloads: 5M+

If you regularly dream of playing blackjack at a stylish casino in Las Vegas, Monte Carlos, or Macau, you will love this app. First off, it lets you select an avatar hero if you don’t feel comfortable displaying your real image. You then get free chips to get started, and a tour of the app to learn tournaments and rewards await you.

Similar to regular blackjack games, the objective is to produce cards whose total value is closest or equals to 21. If you can beat the dealer of human opponents, the casino enables you to traverse some of the most glamorous casinos in the world.

The best part of it is that you don’t have to spend a dime. With the numerous bonuses, you’ll get for playing the game daily and for completing quests, you travel or the supported casino cities without buying in-game coins.

MyVegas Blackjack 21—Free Vegas Casino Card Game

Downloads: 1M+

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Play single deck, progressive or free bet blackjack all the while earning collectibles that provide proof to how incredible you are at blackjack. You don’t need to deposit money to get started. Instead, install the app and create an account.

Around the tables, a gorgeous female dealer with conspicuously big eyes deals the card to you and your opponents. The game then begins, and whoever wins earns a substantial prize. If you lose, there are more ways to find bonuses.

The biggest perk of playing blackjack on the MyVegas android app is that you can be confident its system is fair. It even has an RNG certificate for fair games, a feature that’s probably responsible for its 4.7/5 rating score after 113,000 reviews.

Blackjack by Brainium Studios

Downloads: 1M+

Brainium takes pride in providing a blackjack app that doesn’t try to drain your wallet through in-app purchases. It runs ads regularly, but you get thousands of free chips every week. You can also grow your bankroll by winning games, leveling up, and watching short videos.

The game lacks the bells and whistles you’ll find on some other apps and instead keeps its focus to classic blackjack 21’s rules. Brainium has no problems if you count cards to cheat your way into beating the dealer. The app even encourages you to monitor the dealer and count cards when you can.

But considering it also admits the favor of winning is in support of the dealer, you’ll probably lose more than you win. Despite that, the app makes it exciting to play blackjack with its top-notch graphics, easy to control mechanics, and daily chips.

To Conclude

If you are looking for an excellent app to help you learn how to play blackjack, install one of the apps mentioned above. Most of them have a tutorial mode to teach you the basics of blackjack. They also give you free chips to help you play against the dealer or other players. Afterwards, you can consider joining a real money casino to play the game for real money.