How Packaging Can Affect the Sales of Your Cannabis Product

You’ve created a great new product, such as a line of vapes or edible cannabis gums, that you just know customers will love. But don’t neglect the importance of the packaging, including things such as custom cannabis labels. The packaging is the first thing potential buyers see on the shelves, so it needs to catch their eye and make them excited to pick up your item to take a closer look. Follow these tips to make sure your product’s packaging is working hard to boost your sales.

Choose Colors and Graphics That Stand Out

Bright, vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics are key for your packaging. You want the colors and images to pop so your product leaps off the shelf. Consider colors and designs that fit with your product itself or its target audience. For example, if it’s a fun toy for kids, pick a fun, youthful color scheme and playful fonts. Stay away from dull, basic packaging that will just blend right in with all the other products on the shelves. You want shoppers drawn right to your eye-catching package!

Highlight Key Product Benefits

Don’t assume shoppers will read the fine print on the back of your packaging to learn what your product does. Call out one or two of its top benefits right on the front with short catchphrases like “Whitens Teeth in Just 5 Days!” or “Kills 99% of Germs in 60 Seconds!” You only have a few seconds to catch their attention and get them to pick it up off the shelf, so make those seconds count by letting that packaging work hard to sell your product for you.

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Share Engaging Images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so take advantage of that! Use vibrant images on your packaging to demonstrate what makes your product special. For example, include a mouth smiling with gleaming white teeth on toothpaste or cleaning product packaging. Show someone lounging happily on an air mattress box. When shoppers see how your product will benefit them or improve their lives, they’ll be eager to buy it.

Design For Shelf Impact

You know your product is amazing, but it needs to stand up to all the competition sitting on retail shelves too. Design your packaging strategically for the maximum visual impact right there on the shelves. Use clear sections, so shoppers can actually see the product, like on the front of makeup packaging. Angle elements on an interesting diagonal rather than just straight vertical and horizontal. And don’t forget to make it noticeable from a distance – elements that stick out farther or are at eye level on shelves will grab attention.

Provide Useful Info

Your product packaging should educate consumers on what your item actually is and does while also persuading them to purchase it. Outside of eye-catching images and benefit-focused phrases, include key product details like the size, main features, number of pieces, ingredients, etc. Help shoppers quickly understand what you’re selling and why they need it in their lives right when they pick it up off the shelf. The less effort they have to put in to figure your product out, the more likely the sale!

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Go Beyond the Basics

These days, consumers have come to just expect nice, colorful packaging with images. Don’t settle for mediocre. Really push the boundaries of packaging design, including custom mylar bags, to make your product irresistible. Try things like soft touch matte material, unique shapes beyond just squares and rectangles, or even fun elements like pull out tabs with more info or surprises inside. Every detail from the imagery to materials can influence the consumer, so challenge yourself to create something that wows.

Remember, you only have a few fleeting seconds for your product packaging to grab shoppers’ attention and convince them to learn more. Apply these tips when designing your packaging to turn browsing shoppers into loyal customers. With smart, strategic packaging that appeals to consumers’ desires and goals, your great product should fly off shelves in no time.