How To Track My Child’s Phone Without letting Them Know, For Free?

How To Track My Child’s Phone Without letting Them Know, For Free?

In the present World of technology, the internet seems to be a much worthy place for its pleasing advantages and certain sugar coated marvels. The advantages of the internet are so widespread that we forget the apparent dangers of Cyber-technology. Hence, it is advisable for you to maintain security which clarifies your internet use and makes yours browsing safer.

As a mature parent, it is advised for you to maintain a close eye on your child’s activity and devise a security act which guarantees a safe time, spent by your child on the internet and for this, you may need a security tool to help you in this regard. And add a “helping hand” to your responsibilities as a parent. It is the duty of the concerned parents to keep a watch on their child’s activity or monitor and retaliate immediately in case of any suspicious activity.

Spyic is the most extensive and excellent spying tool for the problem of child monitoring and several issues. This is an easy and fast spying tool which can provide you with several capabilities.

This article will provide answers to your questions like How can I ”track my daughter phone by Spyic” and several other questions and their answers.

This fact cannot be ignored and one cannot suppress the fact that Spyic has been featured in many big outlets, such as PC World, Forbes, CNET, Tech Advisor, Life Wire, Tech Radar, Toms Guide, The Verge, New York Times, Mac World, 9to5Mac, New York Magazine, Business Insider, Digital Trends and more. It clarifies the notion that the application is a big renowned software and useful for customers as well as it holds immense popularity and is favorite among the leading spying software.

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This article is based on the uses of Spyic. Gather more information from Spyic site and fuller details on spying.

What Are the Features of Spyic?

Spyic can be accessed in stealth mode, it uses less battery in child’s phone hence canceling out chances of getting caught. It can be un-installed in a single touch and is one of the best and free web-based solutions. It allows the quickest installation due to a mere 2MB size and most importantly provides all the features of the most brilliant spying tool

How To Track The Phone? The Process of Tracing :


Create a free account on Spyic and sign in to the account:



Enter the credentials and access the account:



Accessing the account on Spyic will toggle open the Dashboard for you in the control panel.This utility can help you to monitor the live activities being held by your Child’s phone and you can easily access the text messages, calls, location and various other types of uses of the phone.


Now your Spyic application has been set up and is ready to monitor the target phone with help of its applications including:

Text Spy Application:

This feature allows you to track the text messages which are a major form of cyberbullying nowadays. It decodes the messages as well as the sender ID and lets you know what type of messages your child is either sending or receiving.

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Android Version messaging.png

Call Tracker:

The call tracker, within no time, traces the calls which are being placed on your child’s phone and aids in knowing the location of the caller as well as the true caller ID.

Call Logs.png

Location Tracker:

The location tracker helps you to track the exact location of your child and aids in knowing the true location of the phone; Thus, it can be an excellent emergency.


Geo-Fence Alert:

Geo-fence alert marks a boundary to the map and lets you know through notification if the child progresses the boundary.


Social Media Tracking:

Spyic can track various social applications and lets you know that your child is safe from the harms of the internet.

Instagram Android Version.png

At The End:

It is normal, getting worried about your child’s security but doing something for it is indeed an act of superior wit, rather than getting depressed or tensed, parents must use Spyic for monitoring the child.