How Expensive Is Romania To Travel To?


When it comes to travelling, Romania is one of the most beautiful nations on the planet. It has a vibrant, charming community that is ideal for those who want to get a taste of what Europe is all about. There is so much to do and it’s a place you are going to want to visit at least once in your life.

With this in mind, it’s also important to budget for a trip to Romania.

For those who want to do this, is it expensive to travel to Romania? Can it be done in an affordable way? To see prices for various attractions, see Untravelled Paths Romania.

Now let’s take a look at this detailed guide on how much it costs to spend time in Romania as a tourist.

Living Arrangements

Where are you going to spend your time when it comes to the hotel?

Assuming you are getting a hotel room in Bucharest, you will be looking at a range of $30-50 depending on the type of room you wish to get. Some are going to have more amenities than others, however, the good rooms tend to be in this range.

You will also end up spending time in a good hotel, which means accessing all of the key amenities that you hope for in the main area. This can include being able to tap into the hotel gym or getting a good breakfast in the morning.

In other situations, people might want to spend more time on a far more affordable option. If you are on a tighter budget, it’s recommended to take a look at a Romanian hostel. This is going to offer enough space to rest and shower while also being affordable.

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The average room in a hostel is going to be approximately $15-20, which is cheaper than a good hotel.

To the surprise of many people, it is quite common for people to head to hostels as tourists. The affordability of spending time in one makes it a great deal. It’s important to note, you are going to be sharing the room with others. This might not work for some, but others won’t mind it at all.

You will need to decide what works best for you in such a scenario.


How are you going to get from one point to another in Romania? How much is it going to cost?

You will need to set aside around $10-15 for transportation during the day. This is going to depend on where you are going but this tends to be the average amount a person should aim for. The reason you are going to want to save this much is due to transportation not always being affordable in the main Romanian cities. However, it does get cheaper in smaller cities.

For those who want to simply get a simple transit pass, you will only have to pay a few dollars. This is great and you are going to get to enjoy the pass for the entire day at this price.

This makes it quite affordable to maximise your budget and still get to where you want to while enjoying the sights on hand. The best part about doing this is the transit will link to all of the tourist areas in the region.


When it is time to head to any tourist spot, you will have to think about the food options. After all, a person has to eat when they are in Romania.

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With so many options, you are going to be spoilt for choice. It is common for a tourist to spend around $10-15 on food at a restaurant.

You can choose from a wide array of dishes while spending this amount of money. This is what makes it a great deal.

The best part about spending this much on food is you are also going to get to experience the local culture. This is mesmerising for those who have never been to the main tourist areas. You get to see how the locals live and you will also enjoy the local architecture on display. This is a win-win as you are getting more than your money’s worth while enjoying great food at the same time.

For those who don’t want to spend a lot of time at a local restaurant, you are going to have other “on-the-go” options spread throughout the city. It is quite common for people to spend $3-4 at a cafe. This is going to let you pick up a good meal and a coffee if that is what you are on the hunt for. It simply comes down to what you wish to eat.

Final Thoughts

In the end, you are going to need approximately $60-70 per day to enjoy your time in Romania. If you are on a tighter budget and willing to find the most affordable option, you will only need around $30.

This is what makes travelling to Romania a lot of fun.